"I have been going to Groton Wellness for a while now and I always have a pleasant experience! The people are really welcoming and friendly and the atmosphere is nice.
Deb Clark is the only massage therapist I will go to. I have a neck injury that has left me with the necessity to get monthly massages for a better part of 18 years and I have seen MANY massage therapists over the course of those years. When I found Deb, I couldn't believe how great she was!! I followed her from another place to Groton, which means I have to travel to see her. I could easily go down the street from my house, but I would much rather have her. She is just amazing. I always leave there feeling much better than when I walked in!!!! I really can't say enough about her. I recommend her to just about everyone I know!"
      — Judy Murphy, Tewksbury, MA

"I would like to highly commend Wendy Walter specifically for her professional, outgoing manner toward me at Groton Wellness. I had approached the first of three colon hydrotherapy appointments with some apprehension, having had negative experience in other situations, such as rehab and x-ray rooms. As an older, physically challenged individual, with me, Wendy was highly instructive, proficient and charmingly pleasant, even while conducting her “humble” services. During the first session, she barely left my side, encouraging and conversing with me. In another, she gave me a lengthy massage (properly done) to ensure my continued comfort. I wish to share my appreciation for Wendy with you.  On your scale of service evaluation, I would give Wendy a strong 10, an A Plus. I expect to be making return visits to Groton Wellness." - Rita Bancroft


"After 10 years of fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and a lifetime of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and searching for a doctor that could actually help me, I found Groton Wellness. When I was at my worst I was unable to work, I was on disability, on really bad days I had to crawl to the bathroom. It was absolutely devastating. After being told by other doctors that there was nothing wrong, everyone feels that way and there is no cure it was a massive relief that after my first appointment I knew for sure that I would get better." - Katie D. 


"I participated in the cleanse Groton Wellness prepared and it was a phenomenal experience. Linda, Josh, and the team provided education, guidance, resources, and support that made this a terrific experience. This program opened my perspective to embrace a healthy way of eating that I have adopted and incorporated into my life. I plan on continuing this way of eating long after the cleanse is completed. I am already looking forward to participating in the Level 2 cleanse! Thank you Groton Wellness!" - Wendy D.


"This is the first place that's given me a mouth guard that I could actually sleep in – placing it on the bottom as opposed to the top like other dentists. The staff is considerate and attentive. The atmosphere is truly spa-like. Though it is not on my insurance providers list of providers, the dentist office submits the claims for me in a timely (manner). I received a reimbursement check within just a couple of weeks." - Sorrel S. 


"I love (GW). It was so refreshing to finally find a dentist with a holistic approach to dental medicine. They are the only dentists I've found in Massachusetts who do not use metal fillings! They also use rubber dams for cavities and are EXTREMELY stringent about being clean. The office is very soothing, and the front desk ladies are extremely professional and smart. For a top-quality, professional, highly hygienic, gentle, healthy please to have your dental needs taken care of, visit Groton Dental Wellness Spa – it's worth the trip."   - Rahul S. 


"I am a chronic migraine sufferer. Over the course of 5 months I had more days with pain, than not. I had tried every Big Pharma out there, with little to no relief, but had the side effects weight gain, dry mouth etc. Then, I met Dr. Lloyd, he spent a lot of time with me asking questions and just talking to me. He put together a treatment plan that was simple, with vitamins, herbs, some diet changes. I will admit I was skeptical , three days after starting Dr. Lloyd treatment plan, the migraine broke, and the pain was gone."  - H. Barry


"I wanted to thank you (Dr Evans) for giving me my life back (I know that sounds extreme, but the pain was extreme). Your kind, gentle, caring, and compassionate manner just made the experience wonderful. Your staff made me sooooo comfortable, please thank them. Thank you for calling and checking on me. Things are going great, healing well, and I attribute that to you and your staff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  - Michelle D.


"In late 2010, I came to Groton Wellness a very ill person suffering from Lyme disease and other tickborne infections as well as a severe case of toxic metal poisoning.  I availed myself of many services offered: safe amalgam removal in the dental office, medical consultations and treatments (including IV therapy and acupuncture), spa treatments specially geared to detoxification (specifically clay baths, manual lymph drainage, and colonics with coffee implants), and diet  modifications for detoxification with healthy foods from the bistro.  I commend the entire staff:  dentists and assistants, doctors, therapists in the spa, the bistro staff, and the receptionists, as they have all been extremely helpful and caring in their treatment.  While I still have a way to go until my health is restored, due to the treatments and advice received I am 1000% better than when I first came to Groton Wellness." - Bill W.