Deanna Jayne, Mentor

Authentic Living Lifestyle Mentor

Deanna came to the world of health and healing through doing deep 12 step work, primarily working with issues of codependency and exploration of how to feel safe in this world. She dove deeply into this inner work, and used her own experience in life as a scientific experiment, and discovered and learned to rely on her own inner guidance.  Along the way, the holistic natural world opened its nurturing arms up wide, and she stepped in fully.  She has studied Conscious Communication, Energetic and Emotional Clearing, Raw Food Eating Lifestyle, Inner Silence, Chakra and Jappa Meditation and Masculine/Feminine Balance through healings and techniques offered by her beloved Guru, Swamiji Kaleshwar.   

Deanna thrives by supporting and holding sacred space for others in their inner journey towards Authentic Living, and is Empathic and Intuitive, trusting inner guidance as the bringer of essence based truth. She is certified in Meditation and Shiva/Shakti Healings and Techniques, The Power of Clearing and as a Hippocrates Health Institute Educator (raw food eating lifestyle). 

When not focused there, or as a team member at our locally-driven, organic food Café, Deanna spends her time in the garden and greenhouse, nurturing her medicinal plant business ‘of the Earth’ to full fruition. Here she uses Lunar BioDynamic practices, and has partnered up with Kim Kuliesis with Dynamic Gardens – we want everyone to feel the deep benefits of having medicinal plants around, inside and out.

She is jazzed by living and working in our community, and offers all she is and has learned to everyone who shares space with her.

U.S. Army – food service specialist

2007 –Shiva/Shakti Healer, Teacher and Meditation Facilitator, Penukonda, India
2011 – Power of Clearing Coach
2013 – Hippocrates Health Institute Educator
In Process – Healing with Herbs
In-Process  – Red Tent Facilitator