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Grace Ramsey Coolidge, LMHC


Heart & Energy Based Psychotherapist

Grace Ramsey Coolidge is a Heart and Energy Based Psychotherapist who practices process-oriented care that focuses on the interactions between the mind, body and spirit to target the root cause of issues using kinesiology & energetic medicine.

Grace is a licensed mental health counselor. Her early practice focused on recovery from severe abuse and PTSD. She has certificates in Process Oriented Psychotherapy & Dreambody Work, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Theta Healing©, Paradox Management and Medical Intuition. Grace is a forty-year meditator and Reiki Master. She teaches Meditation techniques, Energetic Medicine classes & Chakra seminars. She also works with Flower Essences (DeltaGardens trainings). She created a 2-year professional certification course “Intentional Self Healing©” to train others to integrate potent self-healing techniques into their personal and/or professional lives.

“I help patients strengthen their skill of accessing their own inner guidance of self-healing and self-renewing capacities. Many people today live in their head and are disconnected from the wisdom of the healing that naturally comes from their heart center, their emotions and from what is often called the ‘essence self.’ Many people don’t realize the amount of stress that is placed throughout their entire body/mind system with a disconnected heart center.”  ~ Grace Ramsey Coolidge, Heart and Energy-based Psychotherapist at Groton Wellness