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Sue Lunt, RN, BSN, Health Coach

Certified Health Coach

Sue Lunt is a nurse and Wellcoaches® certified health and wellness coach. She believes that individuals inherently know what they need to do to improve their overall health and is passionate about the coaching process as a path to help clients get there. Sue collaborates with her clients to create a personal plan that works with their lifestyle. This leads to clients feeling fit and strong, at a healthy weight, with good eating, exercise, and stress – reduction habits.

Health coaching is Sue’s second career.  After working for a start-up wellness company that places food at the center of an integrated wellness program, Sue discovered the power behind eating a whole-foods diet. This life-changing experience gave her so much increased energy and stamina that she chose to develop her second career as a wellness coach.

Throughout her life’s work as a registered nurse, corporate trainer, and coach, Sue has seen first-hand the impact that lifestyle has on one’s risk for developing chronic disease.  As a health coach, Sue guide’s clients in the process of setting realistic lifestyle goals and discovering their innate, natural power for healing.  She has coached clients by using evidence-based criteria in the areas of nutrition, weight management, physical activity, stress reduction and life satisfaction.

In her spare time, Sue enjoys yoga, long walks, especially on the beach, and tending her perennial flower gardens  She looks forward to guiding Groton Wellness’ patients with compassion and knowledge so that each may obtain optimal, whole-body health.