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April 4, 2016 |

Practitioner’s Spotlight

Chef Arwyn joined the Café at Groton Wellness two months ago and is off to a fantastic start. While continuing to offer great-tasting, nutrient-rich meals that are as organic andnon-GMO as possible, she is also adding a little spice into the dishes. On any given week you may find Burritos, Curry, wild-caught fish, organic Sautés and other items with distinctive flavors. The case is always plentiful and full of brightly-colored, freshly-made salads and entrées.

While the Weston A. Price nutritional diet is featured at our Cafe, Chef Arwyn is also experimenting with dishes appropriate for other diets such as Paleo, Ketogenic, Raw Food and gluten-free. You will often hear Chef Arwyn asking customers what they would like to include or remove from their diets. She then will invent innovative and tasty creations that reflect an individual’s desires.

Tea Anyone?
Almost everyone loves tea and Chef Arwyn has brought in a variety of organic, health-focused teas. Some of her favorites include ones for beauty detox, energy& immune health.

Chef Arwyn says, “The Café at Groton Wellness is a wonderful opportunity personally for me. I can build upon the clean, farm-to-table food that is already the staple here and show people that food is medicine which can taste amazing.”


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