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August 5, 2016 |

Artist Spotlight

Amy Ashman
Amy Ashman joined Groton Wellness in January 2012 as a Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator. She has recently been promoted to Director of Marketing. She has been working in the field of Communication Media for over 20 years and enjoys creatively sharing an honest message with the world. She is truly happy to be at Groton Wellness promoting something that she whole-heartedly believes in ~ Health & Happiness!

“I am thrilled to be marketing a beautiful, thoughtful, healthy way of life! A unique place that I don’t have to sell, I just have to make people aware of it’s existence and it sells itself. ” ~ Amy

Amy is an artist as well, incorporating her creative vision into all that she does. She and her sister Emily have worked in the community for the past 11 years encouraging people to unleash their creativity. Amy and her sister created the very first Art Party back in 2005, sharing their unbridled love of art and the healing power of self expression. The sisters offer painting socials at Groton Wellness every month ~ Wellness Illustrated!

Amy is working on some exciting projects including:
Groton Wellness’ very first TV Commercial (Airing during the Summer Olympics – August 5-21), Live Interactive Online Courses, Webinars with a Twist (Healing Anywhere in the World), Easy Online Ordering for the Café at Groton Wellness & More!


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