November 26, 2019 |

November 2019 “My facial was great. Taylor was awesome. Music was nice. Heated bed was great. My skin felt wonderful. Aromas were lovely and fresh. Free coffee after was a nice unexpected touch.” ~ Margaret C. October 2019 “I was very pleased with the introductory session with Dr. Hand. He asked many questions. I was very … Continue reading Testimonials... View Post


September 20, 2019 |

“For more than 10 years, I have been on a journey to restore my health and improve my wellness. What began with Lyme Disease in 2008 became a myriad of other potential issues – a pattern of Lupus and a marker for Sjogren’s in my blood, arthritis in my spine, and finally, fibromyalgia. Through much of my … Continue reading Testimonial... View Post

Ann Barker & Thermography Testimonial

December 18, 2017 |

This incredible screening is something I wanted to pass on to you all, as woman. Ann Barker is extremely professional, takes her time, listens to you, and respects your dignity. Thank you so much for your information and calming presence yesterday Ann. The anxiety I felt was completely diffused by your wonder-filled energy. My insurance does … Continue reading Ann Barker & Thermography Testimonial... View Post