Nutritional IV Therapy

Optimal nutritional status is absolutely essential for achieving and maintaining balanced health.

When our health is compromised, there are often accompanying challenges associated with the cellular absorption of essential nutrients. Intravenous administration of nutrients is therapeutically advantageous for many chronically ill patients because it can achieve high blood nutrient concentrations not obtainable with oral supplements. IV nutrient therapy is also thought to be more effective than oral supplementation for correcting nutrient deficits inside the cells where they are really needed.In some health challenges, the capacity of nutrients to get into cells and stay there may be diminished.IV administration provides high enough nutrient concentrations to flood the cells. This significantly increases the probability of cellular absorption and utilization.

In responding to IV nutrition, most patients will progressively improve and after just a brief series of treatments.Other patients need regular infusions to control their symptoms and support their medical conditions.In some cases, continued IV therapy may be indicated when an illness has advanced past the cure phase onto a more chronic maintenance phase. In these cases, quality of life can usually be optimized with ongoing IV nutritional augmentation and support.

IV Vitamin C

In particular, high dose IV vitamin C is a valuable therapeutic modality because it has been shown to exert effects similar to pharmaceutical anti-microbials, anti-inflammatories, anti-histamines and smooth muscle relaxants without troublesome side effects or toxicity. An IV treatment of vitamin C can raise the blood levels 50 – 100 times higher than oral supplementation is capable of achieving. This means that the common side effect of “bowel tolerance” (diarrhea) associated with high dose oral vitamin C can be avoided.

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