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10-Day Group Cleanse

January 29 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

| $99

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Meeting Dates (All from 6-7:30 pm)

Led by Jean Nordin-Evans, DDS, IBDM, ND & Heather Stickney, Program Development & Provider Support

Stay healthy this winter with a whole food-based, 10-Day Group Cleanse that supports your body and boosts your health through natural detoxification. This Cleanse allows all systems to rest, restores your innate ability to maintain good health, increases energy, and enhances your appearance.


  • Advice before your cleanse to prepare you for shopping & easier detoxification
  • 10 days of professional, customized support from our Groton Wellness Functional Medicine Team
  • Easy-to-make, delicious, recipes, email tips, mindfulness practices, journaling & self-reflection
  • Create new habits, remove cravings, & improve clarity, all while losing weight naturally
  • Guest speakers at each of your 4 in-person meetings


Detoxification Support (Optional)

Special For Cleanse Participants

It is important to remove toxins from your body naturally. Choose any of these detoxification services & receive 15% OFF initial appointment fee.

  • Detoxifying Therapeutic Clay Bath ~ Now Only $69.70 (call to schedule)
  • Colon Hydrotherapy ~ Now Only $91.80 (call to schedule)
  • Constitutional Hydrotherapy ~ Now Only $115.60 (call to schedule)
  • Kick-Start with a 2-Day Clean-Eating Cooler-To-Go ~ Add $99
    (optional online order with your cleanse)
    Must book & receive service by 2.9.18 Space is limited.


Use of real food, not products! The pace is excellent and a great sense of community. Take a chance and step into a wonderful new world! You will be well supported at every step of the way. And the results are unbelievable.
~ Priscilla W.


Space is Limited. Pre-registration required. Non-refundable.

What to expect on your 10th day?
You can expect increased energy, improved digestion and elimination, decreased cravings, clearer skin, anti-aging, improved eating habits, less stress, more relaxation, a better sense of well-being, clearer skin and eyes, enhanced creativity and increased awareness.

Why Cleanse and Detoxify?
Over the past 100 years, our environment has exploded in toxicity. Chemical pollution, nuclear pollution, chlorinated and fluoridated water, machine pollution, silver/mercury fillings, electromagnetic pollution, etc. Carcinogens and even prescription drugs are spilling into our drinking water every day. Toxins and additives confuse your body. Your body sees all of these toxins as an enemy and this causes an inflammatory response. Inflammation is the basis for all disease. Lower your inflammation and you lower your risk factor for ALL disease.

If you have any of the following symptoms, then you may have toxins in your body.

• Fatigue
• Depression
• Hormone imbalance
• Headaches
• Weight loss resistance
• Joint pain
• Digestive disorders
• Mood problems
• Diabetes
• Brain fog
• Fertility problems
• Accelerated aging
• Skin problems

How Will Cleansing Benefit You?
Natural detoxification cleanses the systems of the body, ridding it of toxins and giving your organs a rest. We are allowing your body to do what it knows to do by removing obstacles to natural detoxification. This can prevent disease, remove foods addictions and cravings, increase immunity, energy, and clarity, lower your weight, cholesterol, and most importantly, inflammatory levels.

What are “Whole Foods”?
Whole foods are unprocessed and unrefined before consumption. If you can grow a food, then it is a whole food. A simple example is Corn: an ear of corn is a whole food, whereas corn chips, corn starch, and corn syrup are not. Note remember to always look for Non-GMO Corn!

Expect to become more mindful about what you are eating.

Enjoy a feeling healthier in 2018!