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Making Self-Care a Priority

September 27, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - February 7, 2019 @ 9:00 pm

| $850

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15 out of 15 available
Making Self-Care A Priority$850.00

Join Sarah Brassard and Terry Walters on this journey into self-care. Together, you’ll take a deep dive into meditation, nutrition and daily practices to transform your health and life. Mindfulness and clean eating go hand-in-hand to facilitate physical and physiological shifts to deal with stress, improve health and support individuals and their families on their path to whole health and wellness. This program offers ongoing inspiration, support, and empowerment for participants to build health-enhancing practices and achieve sustainable positive life changes. Inner study is the biggest work of our lives and lays the foundation for everything else you do in this lifetime.



  • 8 group sessions lead by experts Sarah Brassard and Terry Walters
  • Study and application of Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within
  • Instruction on meditation, yoga, nutrition, and cooking
  • Journaling, sound therapy, astrological rituals
  • Fermentation, superfoods and holistic self-care
  • Two video call check-ins
  •  Email support throughout the program



  • Comfortable clothes
  • Yoga mat
  • Book for journaling and note taking
  • Chef’s knife & dish towel (not for every session)
  • Ready attitude to make you a priority



25+ Hour Program
Total Investment $850 | 2 Partial Scholarships Available

1ST evening 9/27 5TH evening 11/29
2ND evening 10/11 6TH evening 1/3
3RD evening 11/1 7TH evening 1/24
4TH evening 11/15 8TH evening 2/7

Gathering Each Evening From 6-9pm


DEEP DIVE ~ 6 Month Inner Empowerment Journey

Led By Sarah Brassard

Sarah Brassard is an Empowerment Advocate, Intuitive Healer, Meditation Teacher, Author, and Speaker. Sarah’s passion lies in teaching people how to create a foundation for self-care, a method of wellness that brings profound opportunities for transformation.

Led By Terry Walters

Terry Walters is at the forefront of the clean eating lifestyle movement. She is a best-selling author, a James Beard Foundation Award finalist, and a recipient of the Nautilus Gold and Silver Book Awards. Terry is an educator, speaker, consultant, chef and advocate for healthy change in the way we eat and live.

In partnership with Groton Wellness



Session 1
September 27 ~ Sarah & Terry
Sarah: The Healing Journey: It Starts Within
The work we’ll do in this program will help you to receive and be open to the many lessons pain and discomfort offer you when you are strong enough to listen. That is the goal of self-care ~ to fortify your body, mind, heart, and spirit to meet the ever-changing experiences life delivers to us. In this first class, you will learn about sacred space and secure a daily practice of meditation. These techniques and practice will bring you an awareness that will help you reach for the proper tools when you need them.
Terry: The Clean Food Journey
Terry will introduce the clean food spectrum and the benefits of seasonal eating. You’ll gain tools to help support you throughout this program as well as basic information for setting yourself up for success in the weeks to come. We will share a demo, tasting, and recipe.
Session 2
October 11 ~ Sarah
Opening Yourself Up to Self-Healing
Self-Healing means acting from a place of compassion for the body, mind, and spirit. It is a gentle, nurturing relationship with your own needs that is a vital part of building a happy and fulfilled life. Too often compassion for ourselves gets lost through the many unresolved issues we accumulate over the years, and self-healing become an unfeasible goal or even a seemingly selfish one.
On the flip side, when we nurture ourselves with self-healing, it becomes our inner guiding force and makes us strong, generous people.
Sessions 3
November 1 ~ Terry
Making It Work For The Individual
Together we will evaluate our progress to date and delve into our cravings, imbalances, roadblocks, and successes. We’ll discuss our physical and emotional needs through the changing season and how food can help and hinder balance. We will explore the healing foods to incorporate for immune strength and will look forward at how to maintain balance through the holidays.
Session 4
November 15 ~ Sarah
You Are the Expert on You
The feedback we get from others is incredibly valuable, but not when we haven’t developed an understanding of who we are first. This is why this inner work is so important. Everything you do to strengthen your personal relationship with yourself fortifies you. No one will ever know you as well as you know yourself, and no one will ever be able to heal your physical, emotional and spiritual wounds as well as you can.
Session 5
November 29 ~ Terry
Fermentation and Gut Health
What are fermented foods, why are they so important, and how can we easily incorporate them into our daily routine? This session will answer all of your fermentation questions and will provide the tools, strategies, and motivation to start benefitting from fermented foods. Each participant will taste a variety of fermented foods and will make-and-take home two prepared fermented items.
Sessions 6
January 3 ~ Sarah
The Body Is Life’s Vehicle
The body carries us through life. Without this means of transportation, we have little ability to make much happen. Awareness opens the door to prevention and healing. Getting in tune with your body means understanding the relationship between what’s going on inside your body and around it. Listening, learning and honoring the body’s messages is a beautiful way of opening up to all sorts of healing opportunities. When we go inside and consider what the body is trying to tell us, a world of knowledge is revealed to us. Discovering how the health of the body is woven into the wellbeing of the heart, mind, and spirit is life changing.
Session 7
January 24 ~ Terry
The Yin and Yang of Clean Eating
From Cleansing to Supplementation: This is a New Year/New You session that will include re-evaluating our goals, adjusting the approach when the path suddenly changes, addressing unique challenges, safe and effective cleansing, and setting yourself up for success moving forward.
Session 8
February 7 ~ Sarah & Terry
Closing Celebration
Moving forward in a new year with abundant tools and knowledge. Enjoy a greater understanding of yourself and a more intimate connection with those around you.


Groton Wellness
493 Main St., Groton, MA 01450
Space is limited. Pre-registration required. 

We will share, learn, listen, laugh, and cry together on this journey.



We are seeking a diverse group of people to participate in this program and we are pleased to be able to offer 2 partial-tuition scholarships.  We recognize and acknowledge the work of personal growth and self-care critical and something we’re all called to do.

Strong scholarship candidates will be able to express their desire to go deeper on their personal journey and why this program will assist them in doing so.  Candidates will be evaluated on their need for tuition assistance coupled with their ability to demonstrate how participating in this program will impact their lives and the larger community.




Groton Wellness
493-495 Main Street
Groton, 01450 United States
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15 out of 15 available
Making Self-Care A Priority$850.00