Hiring ~ Integrative Medical Doctor, Osteopathic Doctor, or Naturopathic Doctor

February 7, 2017 |

Do you thrive in a team environment?

Groton Wellness, an Integrative Medical/Dental Center, is seeking a full-time or part-time Integrative Medicine MD, DO, ND. Groton Wellness has been dedicated to addressing the increased demand for Integrative healthcare by researching and providing access to care that addresses the physical as well as emotional, spiritual and lifestyle needs of patients.

Become Part Of Our Team
As part of our Integrative Medical team you must have experience in development and implementation of Integrative treatment plans for the management and reversal of chronic diseases as well as interventions for wellness, health optimization, nutrition, and lifestyle choices and disease prevention. We emphasize healthy lifestyle changes and the use of a wide range of Integrative modalities to support health and address chronic health conditions. You will work with an interdisciplinary team of providers ~ Biological Dentists, an Integrative Orthodontist, Functional Medicine Providers, Detoxification Specialists, Holistic Spa Therapists, an Acupuncturist, an Herbalist, a Heart and Energy Based Psychotherapist, a Wellness Chef and More. There are many opportunities to provide local and national lectures on Integrative health and wellness. This position does not require “on call” responsibilities and currently has no weekend hours.

The ideal candidate will have advanced training in Integrative Medicine with Board Certification or Fellowship training in Integrative Medicine/ Functional Medicine. Consideration will also be given to Integrative Physicians currently enrolled in an Integrative Medicine fellowship program. At least one year experience providing Integrative Medicine in a clinical setting is preferred. Knowledge and experience caring for patients with Lyme Disease a plus. You will be an integral part of our team who specializes in Detoxification (Environmental, Chemical, Heavy Metal, etc. . .).

If you are interested in learning more about this position please email you resume and cover letter to: jean@grotonwellness.com.

Groton Wellness started 13 years ago as a Dental Practice and expanded 9 years ago into the full Center it is today. We are the first Wellness Center to focus on all aspects of health and wellness in one location ~ Family Dental, Orthodontics, Medical, Spa and Café.

• carry out initial consultations with patients to diagnose a condition or illness
• carry out physical tests and other assessments
• use your knowledge to prescribe medicines appropriate for the treatment of a range of illnesses, with the aim of assisting the body’s own healing properties
• refer patients to other health practitioners within our Center, when appropriate
• use a holistic approach to advise patients on nutrition and lifestyle
• undertake follow-up appointments to assess patient progress
• maintain accurate patient records every day
• occasionally be on call to patients, either in person, by phone or by email
• keep a welcoming, professional, calming practice area
• work to high ethical and professional standards
• maintain high levels of safe and legal practice
• keep up-to-date with new research
• involvement in educational events we provide to our community ~ in house, in our area and online
• a small amount of travelling or staying away overnight, for tradeshows, seminars and professional development

You will need:
• knowledge of physiology and anatomy
• a sense of vocation, to heal and support patients
• excellent communication and listening skills and a strong interest in people
• a high level of emotional maturity and resilience
• the confidence to promote your services and business
• commitment and perseverance
• to build great relationships while maintaining appropriate boundaries between yourself and your patients
• the ability to work very well in a team environment for the good of every patient

Professional Development
• spend time learning from other provider at our Wellness Center
• attend conferences and seminars to update your clinical skills and therapeutic knowledge
• join a study group to develop your knowledge in a specific subject area
• further your knowledge through research and case studies

If you are interested in learning more about this position please email your resume and cover letter to: jean@grotonwellness.com.

View this job on Craigslist: https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/hea/5991889424.html

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