Holistic Esthetician and Detoxification Therapist Job

January 19, 2018 |



Do you thrive in a team environment?

Groton Wellness, an Integrative Medical/Dental Center, is seeking a part-time Holistic Esthetician and Detoxification Therapist. Groton Wellness has been dedicated to addressing the increased demand for Integrative healthcare by researching and providing access to care that addresses the physical as well as emotional, spiritual and lifestyle needs of patients.

Become Part Of Our Team

We emphasize healthy lifestyle changes, the use of a wide range of Integrative modalities and cutting-edge procedures to support holistic health and address chronic health conditions. You will work with an interdisciplinary team of providers ~ Biological Dentists, Functional Medicine Providers, Detoxification Specialists, Holistic Spa Therapists, an Acupuncturist, Psychotherapist, a Wellness Chef and More.
We are cultivating a wellness center that provides the opportunity for patients and clients to participate in Empowerment Medicine, supporting them to find the root cause of health challenges and assist in creating a comprehensive healing plan together through a coaching and education model. 

Job Summary

As a Holistic Esthetician and Detoxification Therapist here at Groton Wellness, we are looking for you to provide the highest quality individualized skin care, makeup, and detoxification services while catering to each person’s needs as well as working with my colleagues in a professional and team-spirited manner.

Skills Required

• Support all chronic and acute skin care problems and maintain healthy skin throughout the clients changing lives
• Keen listening and verbal skills; compassionate communication
• Communicating clearly to educate each client
• Sensitivity to connect with each client’s need to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing experience
• Individualize each treatment for the maximum result including relaxing, therapeutic facials, detoxifying body treatments, lymph stimulation and drainage, therapeutic baths, Reiki and therapeutic touch, expert brow shaping, facial and body waxing, makeup applications and lessons, castor oil packs, detoxifying and nurturing body treatments all while providing clients with a soothing and calming experience that they look forward to again and again
• Relationship building skills to maintain high client retention and delivering a high level of customer satisfaction for quality, comfort, and effectiveness.
• Support each client with an at home treatment plan that includes appropriate skin care products and instructions for their use keeping communication open for questions and concerns.
• Passion for helping people heal body, mind, and spirit through holistic modalities, therapeutic touch, compassion and lifestyle changes and sustainable products that are kind and gentle to the skin and the environment

Essential Job Functions

• Provides expert esthetics and detoxification services
• Working together to coordinate orders for esthetics and cleaning supplies for the spa and disseminating them. Working with our purchasing department to communicate those needs
• Keeping the spa clean and attractive
• Ensure that all clients receive exceptional service and have a comfortable and pleasant experience
• Create a professional relationship with the clients using good verbal and non-verbal communication
• Promote return spa visits and participate in marketing your services internally and externally when needed
• Keeping up with the latest information on skin care and detoxification
• Building relationships with clients as well as prospective clients who frequent the café and other practitioners
• Helping people to feel comfortable and supported and welcomed at Groton Wellness
• Helping clients and other patrons select appropriate products and provide instructions to achieve best results
• Make up gift bags for dental to distribute to patients
• Give tours, focus on the exceeding customer experience
• Communicate with Manager any needs to best serve Groton Wellness and the clients
• Do laundry and slipper sanitation
• Continually work on your personal sales skills including building instant rapport, focus on client needs assessment, features and benefits presentation, overcoming objections and closing
• Learn all current promotions and offer them to new and existing clients to stimulate sales during the promotional period
• Keeping treatment rooms set up and presentable at all times
• Set up and participate in PR events to educate the public such as Ladies Nights, open houses, classes, outside events
• Give a helping hand as needed
compensation: negotiable
employment type: part-time
Email: Heather@GrotonWellness.com with Resume if you are interested in this position.

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