I have been waiting for today for about a week now and today is here!!

September 2, 2016 |

I suppose I should introduce myself before I go into more details. I am a new employee at Groton Wellness and as part of my orientation I will be meeting with some of the practitioners and trying out some of the offerings that are available here.

You should know that all of my opinions will be my own. I will tell you about my experiences… that is not to say they will be exactly like yours will be, or may have been!

So why am I excited? Because today I will be going in for a facial! A facial after 2 years of no facials!

I am terrified too! Terrified because I have acne!! Acne I was certain would disappear when I was finished being a teen (it didn’t!). Then I thought when I was over my 20s it would leave (it didn’t). It never did leave… and I cannot decide if I am more annoyed now or when I was younger.

Terrified too, because my last facial did a real number on my skin! That means you could count the number of little red eruptions all over my face, it looked like an embarrassed prickly pear!

So here I am waiting in the lobby for Bonnie, with a little bit of fear and a lot more anticipation!

Groton Wellness Spa Waiting Area

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