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Dr. Jacqueline Lucero, DDS

Health-Focused Biological Dentist

I began my dental career at the age of 15 years when my mother who at the time was a dental assistant got me a position at her job as a part-time dental receptionist. What started out as a part-time after school job turned out to be the core and foundation of my dental career. I worked 5 years as a dental assistant and then 12 years as a dental hygienist. Having held every position in the dental office has helped me develop into the practitioner that I am today. I am a caring patient advocate who can empathize with patients fears and concerns. I have learned to treat a patient as a “whole” entity and not just a mouth. Our whole body is a wonderful interlinked network and whatever is going on in our body will manifest in our mouth. It is very important for me to educate my patients on this and encourage their overall health, body, and mind.

I strongly believe that in order to have good oral health we need to have a strong and healthy Periodontal foundation. I have a strong periodontal background which aids me in implementing the right periodontal protocol for each patient to meet their individual needs.

I enjoy working with Pediatric, Geriatric, Special Needs, Medically Compromised, Dental Phobic and General Practice patients.



2017  Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC, Los Angeles CA
Graduated with honors, Sophomore Perio Block Faculty (2015), Vice President of Student National Dental Association, Oral Surgery Selective Student
2010  May 2013 Worcester state University, Worcester MA
Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Science with
a Minor in Chemistry and Minor in Spanish.
2005 Mount Ida College, Newton MA
Graduated Magna Cum Laude with an Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene.
2003 Middlesex Community College , Bedford MA
Satisfied prerequisites to enter Dental Hygiene Program



May 2017 Western Society of Periodontology Award



I love running and hiking with my husband and dogs. I love dogs and am a big advocate for pet adoption and educating others on being responsible pet parents. I believe in animal rights and treating all animals with the love and respect they deserve. I love reading and consider myself a life-long learner.



“As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, people are my specialty. I was fortunate to be assigned to Dr. Jacqueline Lucero because she not only brought her experience of ten years as a Registered Dental Hygienist but also a sensitivity to the human being she was treating. White Coat Hypertension was an issue for me during the years. All previous dental providers were in such an emotional/personal state that their “vibes” affected me as the patient whether they knew it or not. It was Dr. Lucero’s experience and personality that alleviated my WCH which continued to decrease with each subsequent visit. My BP readings reached the normal range and were never the issue that it had been previously.

My ease in partnering with Dr. Lucero contributed to the successful experience I had. It facilitated provider-patient communication. Her ability to give information about the dental issue as well as the procedure to be utilized was clear, free of jargon and repeated if necessary.”   ~ Dr. Gerald F. Paone