Sports Guard

Our teeth need the most protection when we’re playing sports, and a mouth guard is an essential component of any player’s protective gear. Sports guards provide protection against dental and facial injuries by supporting and cushioning the teeth from collision caused by incidental contact.The dentists at Groton Wellness can create a custom mouth guard that you or your children can wear during any sporting activity.

Why get a custom sports guard?

  • Dentist-made sports guards are more comfortable and effective than generic mouth guards.
  • There’s only one quick visit for impressions, and one for fitting.?
  • Your custom sports guard will fit exactly to your teeth.?
  • Every sports guard is made with the specific sport and level of play in mind.?
  • Custom sizing means easier breathing, better communication with your teammates, and better protection for your teeth.?
  • All sports guards can be made in your school or team colors!