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Constitutional Hydrotherapy

The healing properties of water are countless

Constitutional hydrotherapy is a special technique that greatly improves recovery from many illnesses, both acute and chronic. It helps to normalize circulation, sooth the nervous system, stimulate detoxifying and eliminating processes, strengthen and heal the digestive system and boost the immune system and vital force. This therapy has been used for years to detoxify heavy metal exposure, pesticide/herbicide toxicity, and the daily toxic buildup of improper diet and lifestyle. Help to rebuild metabolism and regenerate health with this amazing therapy.

This 1 hour therapy utilizes alternating hot and cold towel application to the chest and back as a supportive treatment for acute infections such as sinusitis, whooping cough, pneumonia as well as chronic conditions such as asthma, psoriasis, irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease, or arthritis. Constitutional Hydrotherapy includes 2 phases of gentle pulsed Sine-Wave stimulation to the back and abdomen.

During the treatment, the patient lies comfortably on a soft, warm massage table bundled in sheets and blankets, while alternating phases of hot and cold, slightly moist towels are applied over the upper torso. Hot and cold towel applications manipulate blood circulation via vasoconstriction and vasodilation reflexes. Alternating hot and cold treatment phases creates an oscillatory, pumping effect that moves the blood and lymph fluid outward to the skin and inward to deeper tissues and organs. The Sine-Wave gently stimulates nerves to contract muscle fibers to further facilitate circulation and metabolic activity to deeper tissues and organs.

Constitutional hydrotherapy is extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. It restores balance to the autonomic nervous system by nourishing and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. It also facilitates optimal immune function and detoxification processes via increased circulation through the skin, lymph nodes, liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, intestines and lungs (aka. Reticuloendothelial System or Mononuclear Phagocyte System). This allows illness-fighting white blood cells to recognize invaders and are guided to the tissues where they are needed.

Hydrotherapy researchers have shown that a reflex increase in blood flow occurs in internal organs when the circulation to the overlying skin is stimulated. This internal reaction is responsible for the long lasting and cumulative effects of a series of hydrotherapy treatments. Research has further shown that the beneficial effects on the immune system last for up to 24 hours making this a very effective therapy for any disorder involving immune function. Thus, Constitutional Hydrotherapy is a rapid way to boost your immune function and fight any infection, including the antibiotic resistant bacteria. A series of Constitutional Hydrotherapy treatments is often recommended for best clinical results.

Contraindications: Although Constitutional Hydrotherapy is beneficial for most conditions, it is not recommended for patients with: Acute asthma, Acute bleeding conditions/clotting disorders, Tachycardia, Very high fevers (>104), Very high blood pressure, Disorientation/mental agitation. Sine-wave applications are contraindicated for treatment over cancerous tumors, pregnant uteruses, highly-inflamed areas or organs, or implanted electrical devices, such as pace makers. Constitutional hydrotherapy is applied with great caution to patients with: kidney dysfunction, anemia, insulin-dependent diabetics, thrombolytic conditions, cardiac  arrhythmias, and the very young or very old.