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Heart & Energy-Based Psychotherapy

An essential & integrated element of your wellness journey

Patients come to Groton Wellness Psychotherapy because it is an integral component of their self-healing, self-rejuvenating and self-renewing journey. Often they are in a health, relationship or life crisis/crossroad.

Groton Wellness is a premier center for whole-body dentistry because we understand that when the energy pathways (meridians) that run through your teeth are blocked, it affects your whole body and your whole health. Similarly, we are also a leading center for mind, body, & spirit psychotherapy because we work directly with the energy blocks that may cause blocks at your mental, emotional or spiritual levels. Patients come from far and wide to Groton Wellness because we work effectively with toxicity and blocked energy circuits in the mouth and body, thus returning you to health. Just as your dental issues may provide the major, missing piece in your wellness journey, long-held emotional blocks, traumas, sabotaging, and unconscious beliefs may prevent you from having mental, emotional or spiritual clarity.


Past & Allopathic Methods

Many believe that visiting a psychotherapist means going into a cold office, laying on a leather couch and spilling your troubles. Over the past two decades, psychotherapy has progressed from the standard, mental health method where you have a discussion and are given a prescription to solve your issue(s).  Traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT Therapy) or “Talk Therapy” uses conscious mind and medications for treatment and are no longer the only treatment options available. We are happy to offer you other options.


Psychotherapy Transformed at Groton Wellness

At Groton Wellness we offer a tailored, fast-track path for growing and healing that fits each patient’s goals. We offer an active, integrated, collaborative approach with other providers, as needed, to build your potent physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual journey. Your path is evidence-based and tracked through time so that you may stay on course to achieving your wellness goals. Most importantly, we search for the root cause of your problems using Kinesiology so that what is healed is permanent and lasting. This process is often referred to as Theta Healing.

Seasoned professionals of energy psychology can regularly clear and resolve panic attacks and phobias in one or two sessions. This method does not require medications to work.


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Early Childhood Trauma
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Chronic Disease
  • Auto-Immune Disorders
  • Many other health challenges

Trauma Pattern Clearing with Energy Psychology

Trauma patterns can block your path to vibrant, emotional, spiritual and physical health.  When working with our psychotherapist, you will seek to identify the root cause of trauma patterns and learn how to clear them yourself ~ often in one or two sessions. By using these self-healing tools, you will be more empowered and in control of your own well-being.

This is true self-understanding and with this new embodied awareness, you will weave these techniques into a coherent, whole-body state. Once you have experienced this inner-wisdom of accessing and clearing emotional and psychological blocks, you can actually change your weakening symptoms into a life-transforming experience and reconnect with your healing presence within.


What to Expect During a Session

Most sessions are an hour and a half to two hours. During each experiential session, you will work with our psychotherapist to resolve the root cause of your problems. All work is process-oriented and somatically tuned to the entire energy field that surrounds and is suffused throughout every cell within the body. After the initial intake session, patients choose from various, short-term therapy-session packages to achieve their goals. When they have completed their course of therapy treatment, they are often complete and empowered to move forward on their own.


Extend Your Work with Energetic Medicine Classes

Meditation, Chakra, and Energetic Medicine classes teach the science and practice of mindfulness, or self-awareness, of one’s own inner process through reconnecting with the body and one’s essence of self…accessed through the heart center. Visit the Calendar section of our website for a listing of upcoming classes.


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