Theta Healing

Steps to Healing

Groton Wellness’ Psychotherapist, Grace Ramsey Coolidge, LMHC, Heart & Energy Based Psychotherapist

1. Choose your desired health, relationship and other important goals.

2. Muscle test your mind, body, and spirit’s orientation towards your goal at all of your levels ~ conscious, unconscious, emotional, mental, spiritual and identity.

3. Work with Grace Ramsey Coolidge, LMHC, to help you find each core ‘limiting belief’.

Experience how easy and quick it can be to release old limiting beliefs and take in new positive beliefs in moments! It’s fun! Your conscious mind is only one level where your beliefs about yourself and your life are held. Your unconscious beliefs have the power to guarantee our success or failure in achieving our goals!

Through muscle testing, we can discover your alignment (inner agreement) to your goals at the conscious level; unconscious level; emotional level; mental level; spiritual level and identity level. We all have limiting beliefs that usually remain out of range of our conscious awareness. These are the beliefs that can block your ultimate success and leave you wondering what happened! With Theta and muscle testing, we can easily find limiting beliefs, that are usually hidden from your conscious awareness. Together we can ‘reprogram’ each old limiting belief and insert new positive beliefs that will ensure your success in all your health, healing and relationship goals!

1/2 Hour Session $100