Past Life Regression

Regression starts with hypnosis, getting you in a deep state of relaxation. Regression means going back in time, whether it be this lifetime or another one. In fact, you do not have to believe in past lives to have an effective session. Going back into past lives can help uncover possible root causes of lifelong patterns, physical ailments or explain phenomena that up to now have had no explanation.

The benefits of a past life regression are numerous and often transformative.

  • Clear emotional stress, trauma, and physical issues
  • Calm feelings of anxiety and/or depression
  • Get insight into troubled relationships
  • Understand and change behaviors and patterns
  • Uncover dormant past life gifts and re-energize them
  • Reveal past life souls you know from this life
  • Understand your soul’s life lessons
  • Receive spiritual guidance and direction
  • Experience universal wisdom and peace not always available to us in our Earthly bodies

You should plan for approximately a 120-minute session.