Authentic Living Lifestyle

What is Authentic Living? 

Authentic Living begins to happen when our soul’s purpose shines through our current belief of who we think we are. As we align with this profound and purposeful truth, our life starts to become more easeful, stress-free and enjoyable, and a sense of contentment sets in. We are no longer trying to swim upstream, which is exhausting, confusing, and can create depression and other unhealthy physical symptoms. Instead, we find ourselves gently floating down the river.  Ahhh….


How can I live an Authentic Life?

The first step includes wanting to live Authentically more than anything else.  To know deep inner purpose and express it in every moment requires a commitment to growth and a willingness to know oneself thoroughly.  It is an inner journey, is a challenging path at times, yet being on it is the most rewarding life experience ever!  Imagine being at peace all the time…

Deanna Jayne, our Authentic Living Lifestyle Mentor, offers personalized one-on one-sessions and group circles.  Her services provide deep level guidance so that you can get to know yourself and reveal the path that your soul wants to take.  As blocks, stuck patterns, and unwanted belief systems are discovered and uncovered, she will help you to release them while holding nurturing and safe space for you to be exactly Who You Are. Light and love automatically fill empty space; from this, we become the Truth of Who We Are.

A Note From Deanna Jayne, Authentic Living Guide 
A one-on-one session with me can include multiple modalities and is client
driven, all tailored towards what is happening with you and where your soul/body connection needs healing. You and I will naturally create an intuitive relationship, from there I will facilitate where your inner guidance tells us to go.

Below are examples of tools used that, when adopted on a daily basis, allows one to step into an Authentic Living Lifestyle:

  • Deep listening and feedback can evoke feelings of being heard and held safely, no matter what is said.
  • Learn how to use “I” messages and tap into previously elusive feelings. This will strengthen all relationships where communication is challenging.
  • Breathwork, guided meditation, body movement and flow helps us get into our body Temple and out of our head, and connects us with places inside that have possibly been neglected and are yearning for attention and expression.

Re-connection is integral to becoming an Authentic Living being.

Allow me to shine the light and help guide you through your own unique inner journey.

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