Brenda Mosemann, RN

Registered Nurse, Nutritional IV Therapy

Brenda Mosemann graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.  While desiring to overcome her own health challenges which were keeping her from conceiving a child and maintaining a pregnancy, she discovered alternative modalities and soon found holistic health care to be her passion. She has studied holistic health care and integrative medicine over the past 24 years.  For the past 5 years, she has worked as a nutritional consultant and lifestyle coach.

Brenda has received nutritional training from Premier Research Labs, where she is certified in Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA).  QRA is an effective way of communicating with your body and its specific needs and can be used to quickly pinpoint areas of toxicity and nutritional deficiency. In addition,  QRA will determine the exact amounts of nutrients or formulas needed to support optimal nutritional resonance for each specific organ or gland control point that was tested. Brenda also uses QRA to identify Interference Fields (IFs), which can be defined as any condition that disrupts the normal structure or function of a meridian, organ, gland, tissue or bodily system. Therapeutic Mud Packing (a formula rich in botanical agents, bentonite clay, and organic sea vegetation) clears these IFs by chelating toxins that may be jamming the electrical circuits of the body and absorbing waste through an osmotic effect. This clearing of IFs can be the answer behind stubborn health conditions.

At Groton Wellness, Brenda desires to end needless suffering where possible and increase the quality of life of those she comes in contact with.

Brenda lives in Massachusetts with her husband and 4 children.  She enjoys reading, family time, and bringing health and healing to people everywhere.



1992  Bachelors of Science, University of Oklahoma


Board Certifications and Memberships

Massachusetts State Registered Nurse
Certified Nutritional Consultant, American Association of Nutritional Consultants AANC


Certificates and Licensures

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), Premier Research Labs Level 1 & 2