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Rachel Fae Coleman, Herbalist

Clinical & Traditional Western Herbalist, Plant Spirit Educator

Rachel is an artist & herbalist practicing in the Wise Woman tradition of healing. She is a graduate of The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education in Southern California.

Rachel makes her products with great thought and attention to detail; sourcing and harvesting plants and materials with ethical kindness. Rachel is a member of United Plant Savers ~ never using an endangered plant species in herbal remedies.

Rachel teaches a variety of plant medicine making, spirit healing, and ethical harvesting workshops. She has an online studio called IDYLLIC LAND ( filled with publications, workshops, and a small batch boutique for sale online and at events. Rachel is passionate in providing proper care to her clients in awareness of the herb market and protection of native plant species.


Services Offered

Immune Support, Allergies & Asthma, Detoxification, Lyme Disease Treatment, Nutrition Deficiencies, Hormonal & Reproductive Health, Skin/Hair/Nails, Sleep Disorders, Women’s Health, Endocrine System, Depression & Anxiety, Energy & Fatigue, Digestion, Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Trauma, Children’s Health, Self-Care Practices, Nervous System, Migraines, Plant Meditations, Plant Medicine Group Programs



More About Rachel

Born and raised in a Navy family, Rachel lived a childhood across the eastern seaboard of the United States. Her introduction to herbalism began at a young age, spending time in silence with nature in her various childhood homes.

She has a background in Visual Arts and Art History with a concentration in textiles, mixed media, photography, and writing. Fueled with inspiration, Rachel has spent time exploring ancient cultures and folk art traditions around the world. She’s lived and traveled throughout Europe, Northern Africa, and Australia.

Rachel eventually moved to Southern California to study herbal medicine hands-on in the Santa Monica Mountains. She found synchronicity in learning about plants through creative mediums such as drawing her favorite plant allies ~ learning their geography, history, and tradition whilst empowering people to honor and care for themselves in connection to the earth. Since graduating, Rachel has assisted The Gaia School of Healing in being a mentor for new students and organized as The Herb Sales Coordinator for her school’s The Land Fund. Rachel now lives with her Australian husband in Massachusetts.

The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education Certified
Bachelors in Visual Arts, Art History & Historic Preservation ~ Roger Williams University
Current Studies ~ The Herbal Academy


A visit with Rachel

  • Herbal Tea
  • Herbal Meditation
  • Feeling and Sensations Around The Meditation
  • Personal Health History
  • Work Through The Body From Toes To Head
  • Discuss Challenges Discovered
  • Establish Care Plan & Goals ~ which could be customized herbal teas made at home, tinctures, herbal supplements, lifestyle practices and more
  • Follow Up Plan