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Shiva/Shakti Healings & Teachings

Deanna’s Story

“In 2006-07, I spent 9 months living in an ashram in Penukonda, India with Swami Kaleshwar. It was his first ever Soul University, and it really rocked my soul awake!  Previously, I was introduced to him by taking a Five Elements Workshop that was taught in Boulder Creek, CA, where I was living at the time. While doing the process of meditating and chanting, the picture of him that was on my newly constructed sacred home altar CAME ALIVE! I did not understand how it had happened, yet was VERY INTRIGUED! Soon after that divine experience, I realized that I was ‘hooked’ into his teachings. It was kinda like a falling in love. I learned later that this was a type of darshan; he was ‘speaking’ or communicating with my soul.  The journey had begun…

The first event and divine process I experienced after arriving in Penukonda was a Christmas program held in the Jesus Temple that focused on Jesus Christ and Mother Mary’s energies. Swami had, in his possession, ancient palm leaf books that were written when the SeptaRishis were on the earth. We were all encouraged to touch our 3rd eye to this book, and WOW! that was some powerful energy there!

During our vigorous curriculum of meditating, meditating, and more meditating we learned about the Hindu tradition. It became clear that Swamiji’s mission was to make divine healers out of all of us, and he carried the torch of the energy that Jesus had begun 2000 years ago when he walked this earth. Deep, right?!

On Independence Day 2007 the Student Kingdom of which I was a part of made a pledge to carry forth Swamiji’s mission, teachings and healings so that we too, could spread the healing energy throughout the earth. We have a global Sai Family that continues to grow, heal, and expand into the light…

These are the Teachings and Healings brought forth through my beloved master Swamiji, our Guru Shirdi Sai Baba and the Divine lineage that goes back thru time to the True Source of All That Is. It is from this place that healing energy comes from; I am simply a conduit and humble servant, and am so grateful to offer these gifts of healing to you!”  


Soulful Shaktipat

Lean in to the cosmic energy that is all around us all the time.  Receive a transmission of direct Divine Darshan through the 3rd eye as it wakes up and enlivens the soul and its purpose through your life. As the soul grows and expresses itself, and is allowed to (we all have free will), life becomes easier, more meaningful and we become content and happy.  Just like floating down the river ~~~

Potential after session experiences may include a deep sense of awe and silence within, feelings of internal connectedness, transcendent states of consciousness (beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experiences), bliss, and other individualized expressions of the soul’s awakening.


Healing For Depression & Healing For Heartbreak 

Receive energetic power through mantra (cosmic sound and vibration) that is directly focused on release of imbalance that is causing pain, suffering and/or attachment.

Deanna’s message

“We are open to change with an open heart, so having a willingness to let go of your condition is optimal.  If you think you may be attached to your depression or heartbreak or know there is too much value for you in having/keeping it, yet you want to want to let go, consider scheduling a Gentle Beginnings session first. This will give you time to talk about the issues and potentially see where you have attachment. Together we can work on acceptance, which can then allow you to let go.  It’s a process, like peeling away an onion, and it is important to honor it while we work ‘backwards’ through the layers that are built on top of each other.” 

All Healing sessions are 50 minutes.  Please wear comfortable clothing.
Healing for Depression requires a 4 session commitment within a 1-2 month time period.