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Somatic Breathwork

How we breathe is indicative of our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Over time, especially in a culture that perceives life as a competition or battle for survival, we unconsciously shut the breath down due to too much stress and trauma.

Breathwork, a ritual of awareness, allows the body to let go of what it has been storing or holding on to, creating space for movement, energy, and life to thrive. If you feel shut down or stuck, breathwork can help you understand the root cause. By “breathing into” chronic patterns or pain you oxygenate the body and activate chi, helping to move the energy which is keeping you stuck.

A breathwork session includes an in-depth conversation and time to breathe. When you breathe you are either sitting up in a back jack (simple floor seat) or lying on a mat on the floor depending on your needs. The ultimate goal is an open, healthy mindful breath. We may start with some techniques to strengthen mindfulness or use a circular breath to activate chi.

7 sessions (one session a month) are recommended to experience long-lasting, life-changing results. You should plan for 120 minutes per session.