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Transpersonal Psychology

Do we know our full human potential?

Transpersonal psychology is an attempt to understand the different states of consciousness and views of reality. It integrates the ideas of western psychology with the insights of eastern spiritual traditions. An examination of “higher” states of consciousness, and “higher” stages of human development.

“The role of transpersonal psychology is to explore the “farther reaches of human nature.” ~ Abraham Maslow

It recognizes that there are more expansive and more intense states of awareness. “Awakening” experiences ~ optimum human psychological functioning ~ freedom from anxiety and irrational negative thought-patterns, an optimistic outlook, a strong sense of identity ~ is by no means the end point of our development. There are potentially higher functioning states in which our perception becomes intensified, we experience an increased sense of connection to nature and other human beings, become more compassionate and altruistic, have a wider sense of perspective and in turn, live more authentically.