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Group Healing Sessions & Programs

Group Healing is a shared therapeutic experience that builds community, and usually, involves a professional and participants who are working together through similar challenges.  Space is held in order to encourage healthy communication, evoke insight, build trust and allow stepping into personal growth.


Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within – Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Dates to be Announced

Set Your Life In Motion

Led By Sarah Brassard, Empowerment Advocate, Intuitive Healer, Meditation Teacher, Author, & Speaker, in partnership with Groton Wellness’ Heather Stickney, CIO, Program Development Manager & Provider Support

Through this Women’s Empowerment Program you will learn to harness your power and courage. From this new place of self-awareness and self-healing, you will learn to listen deeply — not to the noise of your surroundings, but to the ever-present peace that lives inside you.

With a clear path set before you, your spirit will be free to grow, heal, and know life in its most joyful expression.  


“I am thrilled to partner with Groton Wellness in launching this life-changing program. Please join us for this once a month (6-month) woman’s program.” ~ Sarah Brassard


The journey to true healing requires that we take the most challenging path there is: the path within. 

Monthly sessions will include supportive discussion, book study, meditation, self-reflection, journaling, restorative movement, breathing, soothing music, essential oils, sound therapy and more.

Adopting a mindful self-care practice will open doors to boundless opportunities for healing, abundance, and successful, loving relationships. Sarah Brassard will be your guide on this transformational journey. Inner study is the biggest work of our lives, and once accomplished, it will help to lay the foundation for everything else you do in this lifetime.


What’s Included

• We will welcome you to each session with a light supper at 5:45 pm
• A signed copy of Sarah’s book, Inside ~ A Guide to the Resources Within
• A beautiful 6- month Journal
• Email and Phone Support


Our 6-month Inner Empowerment Journey

20+ Hour Program
Total Investment $650 (due upon registration)

Introduction (6-8 pm) Gather at 5:45 for a light supper
1ST  Evening (6-9 pm) Gather at 5:45 for a light supper
2ND Evening (6-9 pm) Gather at 5:45 for a light supper
3RD Evening (6-9 pm) Gather at 5:45 for a light supper
4TH Evening (6-9 pm) Gather at 5:45 for a light supper
5TH Evening (6-9 pm) Gather at 5:45 for a light supper
6TH Evening (6-9 pm)  Closing Celebration

We will share, learn, listen, laugh, and cry together on this journey.

How do I sign up? This program is currently full – please call 978-449-9919 (ext. 5) to save space in our next program


Healing Your Inner Garden ~ Heal Your Gastrointestinal System


Call to find out the next date for a Free Introduction to this Program

Maximum 10 Spaces Available. Must commit to the full 6-week program. 50% non-refundable deposit due when you call to register ~ 978-449-9919. Remainder due upon check-in for week #1. Save 15% when you pre-pay in full at the Introduction Class.

1. Food Sensitivities & Elimination Diet
2. Digestion
3. Repair Intestines
4. Microbiome
5. Food Reintroduction & Meal Planning
6. Potluck ~ share the harvest
Do You Struggle With:
• Chronic gas & bloating
• Diarrhea or constipation
• Autoimmune & chronic health issues
• Managing Weight
• Poor Diet & Nutrition

WEEK #1 ~ (5:30-7pm)
The process of identifying personal food sensitivities “Weeding the Garden”

• Removal of possible offending foods
• Elimination Diet
• Review main culprits including sugar, processed foods, usual suspects like gluten, dairy, corn, soy, peanuts, coffee, eggs
• Offerings to support your journey at our Farm-to-Table Café at Groton Wellness

WEEK #2 ~ (5:30-7pm)
Role of stress on digestion “What’s Eating your Garden”

• Sympathetic nervous system activation contribution to poor digestion
• Identify our relationship issues with food, what are we bringing to the table
• Effects on GI transit and microbiome
• Guest: Behavioral Health provider will take us through a mindful eating exercise / guided imagery

WEEK #3 ~ (5:30-7pm)
Factors that can help repair the intestinal lining “Mend your Fences”

• Discuss key phytonutrients, micronutrients, and macro nutrients that aid in the repair of the intestinal lining or “increased intestinal permeability”
• Café at Groton Wellness continued support

WEEK #4 ~ (5:30-7pm)
Role of microbiome in Gut health “Seed and Fertilize”

• Dysbiosis
• Role of probiotics, fermented foods
• Role of pre biotics
• Tips: Nutritional Supplemental, Healthy Restaurants, Mouth is the start digestion

WEEK #5 ~ (5:30-7pm)
Food Reintroduction & Personalization of long term goals “Re-Planting”

• Review a transition to a long term food plan (Low glycemic Mediterranean)
• How to identify food triggers when adding back foods on elimination diet
• Special, personalized considerations (histamines, nightshades)

WEEK #6 ~ (5:30-7pm)
Potluck “Share your Harvest”

• Group session to share what you have learned
• Create customized health care plan for now
• Create individual health goals for long term



Spirit Activation

We hold immense potential within ourselves. The more closely in touch with our souls we are, the more easily we can grow into this potential. Spirit Activation is focused on drawing out your inner energy, light, and wisdom. This energy is mostly dormant, so awakening it is key in unlocking your essence. The results are increased clarity, both emotionally and intellectually, and a stronger connection to your soul. Cultivating a strong relationship with your soul and feeling a sense of deep spiritual healing often come hand in hand.


Releasing Stress and Reducing Anxiety: A Mind-Body Approach


Being in Truth or Being in the Flow


Healthy Lifestyle ~ Wellness Walking Program

Go take a walk!
This Program designed to get every part of you moving ~ body mind and spirit. Bring a friend or come to meet friends, enjoy the motivation and connection that comes with walking with others.

Enjoy these benefits:

  • Kick start your metabolism with a daily walk
  • Daily walking benefits the whole person ~ body, mind, and spirit
  • Studies show that walking reduces your risk of coronary heart disease, improves blood sugar levels, decreases blood pressure & enhances mental wellbeing
  • Learn how proper hydration affects overall wellness
  • See the evidence supporting daily walks
  • Learn what whole foods eating means and why it is encouraged
  • Receive whole foods guidelines & simple recipes to help you eat well this summer
  • Program ends with a discussion and strategies to continue walking


Whole Health Approach to Weight Management


Freedom From Emotional Eating


Fertility Circle

For The Potential Mom’s Who Want To Conceive. This mind, body spirit circle introduces through both educational as well as experiential techniques the power of your beliefs!

Are you a woman who is on a fertility path and would like to access proven techniques that have helped other happy Moms? This circle scoops up the cream of the best mind, body and spirit practices that have made the difference for many.

  • Learn how the power of your beliefs can cause an ‘energetic block’ that prevents your intended goal from happening…even if that belief is held in unconscious mind.
  • Learn how muscle testing or kinesiology can fast track you through a testing protocol to learn where you ‘really’ are around getting pregnant!
  • Learn about what ‘Birth Trauma’ is, and how your own may be causing the energetic disconnect around allowing your body to conceive.
  • Experience ‘Rebirthing Breathwork’ and learn how to clear these long-held energetic blocks and beliefs.
  • Experience Energetic Medicine Balancing techniques to keep your circuits flowing in the right direction.
  • Learn specific morning practices geared for your path and journey.
  • Accessing the power of your passion through trance dance and energetic dancing!

Mindfulness Healing Meditation


Heart Centered Healing Circle

“Dip yourself into the healing waters of mind, body and spirit healing” This circle is designed as a beginner’s ‘diving lessons’ to learn how to get very effective and very quickly, in producing the results you are looking for.

A full and sincere treatment plan and path must include inner awareness of our own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This circle will both educate, support and then empower each member to learn what it takes to be potently effective and produce the healing results they intend.

This is an experiential Circle. You will learn and/or experience:

  • How to experience life from the heart center, rather than the head center.
  • Learn about archetypes and how to work with your own dreams.
  • Create your own timeline in a way that includes your inner experience of being alive. Also, include dates of onset of illnesses.
  • Have a direct and personal experience of your own self-healing capacity.
  • Have a direct experience of your own connection with the Divine.
  • Directly play with manifestation during your day through the power of Intention and produce results. (a common example is getting the parking space you intend for yourself)

Forget Me Not ~ Reversing and Preventing Cognitive Decline


Move it! Energetic Meditation

There are many paths to a peaceful mind. One of them is through Dynamic Meditations that breaks the bonds of limiting beliefs and old experiences. Come with yoga clothes, bring a scarf to cover eyes and water bottle.


Restorative Yoga


The Way You Tick ~ Metabolic Detoxification


Soul Shine

Soul Shine is very similar to Spirit Activation in that it aims to help you connect with your inner spirituality. Soul Shine Therapy differs from Spirit Activation by focusing more on how to be in touch with yourself and you can find direction and productivity with your energy, while Spirit Activation is focused more directly on drawing out your energy.


Intro to The Power of Clearing


Life Transitions

Change can be good or bad, unexpected or planned, happy or sad, big or small; no matter what, change introduces new sources of stress and new opportunities for growth. Life Transitions Therapy helps you plan for changes, cope with unexpected changes, and benefit from the experience of both.


Laugh Therapy

Laugh Therapy is based on the time-tested saying “laughter is the best medicine.” Laughter therapy helps people channel hope from within. Most laughing classes incorporate some yoga to help open your body which makes it easier to release sillier laughter. Sometimes, the goal is to find humor in the problem and thus lessen the weight of the problem. Other times, the goal is to provide a happy distraction to give you a better vantage point when you return to something intimidating. Many people swear by Laugh Therapy and use it to more comfortably face all of life’s challenges.


The Five Elements Workshop


Vision Boarding

Visualization is a very powerful tool. Olympic athletes have been employing it for decades, and many successful business people swear by it too. Vision Boarding is the process of creating a physical space to help you cultivate your hopes and goals, which makes visualizing your future easy and natural. It is a helpful way to bring about the growth and change you have been thinking about, no matter how big or small. Vision boarding is a thoughtful and creative process, and fun to think about together!


Shiva/Shakti Healing


Dream Journaling

Some people have great difficulty remembering dreams while others naturally remember them well. Wherever you start on that spectrum, Dream Journaling sessions help you learn how to pay more attention to your dreams. Dreams are expressions of the subconscious, so being aware of your dreams often helps bring some clarity to your consciousness from ongoing unconscious messages.


Breath, Mind & Body all in one place


Mom & Me Connection

Mom and Me sessions hone in on the mother-child relationship, which can be simultaneously complicated, beautiful, intense, confusing, enriching, difficult, and rewarding. Sessions may address closeness during post-partum depression, finding a balance between independence and dependence for both the mother and child, yoga with preschoolers, and more.


Prenatal Support

Pregnancy is filled with excitement, anticipation, and worry. Prenatal Support is two-fold: first, to emotionally hold mothers, and second, to help guide them throughout pregnancy. Many mothers find that prenatal support is helpful not only during pregnancy but also after birth because starting from a supported place helps lessen the difficulties of early parenting.


Parenting Support

Any parent will attest to how valuable support is, but sometimes finding it can be a daunting or difficult task. This group brings you more concentrated support than you might find on your own by opening a space for parents to set healthy goals, create boundaries, and form close connections.


Conscious Communication Program


Wilderness Therapy

Nature has an incredible way of pulling us closer when we allow it. Often, in our developed lives, we lose touch with the earth and the dirt. Becoming closer to Mother Nature physically gives way to a spiritual closeness that is extremely nurturing. Wilderness Therapy exposes you to our beautiful earth and, perhaps more importantly, facilitates the spiritual alignment with nature.


Feed Body & Soul

The body and soul are inextricably linked. The relationship between food and the body has been studied for a long time, but rarely in conjunction with the body and soul relationship. Feed Body and Soul sessions focus on the complete picture so that you can use the physical resources available, nourishing food, to enrich your inner life and soul.

Medicinal Plants For Connected Living


Raw Food Life


Holistic Life Coaching