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Sacred Tree Menu of Services


Transpersonal Therapy



Hypnosis, a natural deep state of relaxation, taps into an ideal frame of mind (the unconscious) to integrate suggestions based on meeting your goals. Hypnosis works by updating the unconscious mind with new and more helpful information, like reprogramming a computer. It can be used to change associations, so that chocolate or chips, for instance, are no longer seen as “a reward”, and are more realistically regarded as “unnecessary calories”. What do you want to accomplish? Weight loss, stress relief, stop smoking, better performance, getting through blocks or heightening creativity? These are just a few of the things hypnosis can improve. You should plan for a 120-minute initial session with 60-minute follow up sessions. Usually, 4-8 sessions are recommended depending on your unique needs.

Past Life Regression (120 MIN. INITIAL SESSION)

Regression starts with hypnosis, getting you in a deep state of relaxation. Regression means going back in time, whether it be this lifetime or another one. In fact, you do not have to believe in past lives to have an effective session. Going back into past lives can help uncover possible root causes of lifelong patterns, physical ailments or explain phenomena that up to now have had no explanation. The benefits of a past life regression are numerous and often transformative.

Somatic Breathwork (120 MIN. INITIAL SESSION)

How we breathe is indicative of our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Over time, especially in a culture that perceives life as a competition or battle for survival, we unconsciously shut the breath down due to too much stress and trauma. Breathwork, a ritual of awareness, allows the body to let go of what it has been storing or holding on to, creating space for movement, energy, and life to thrive. If you feel shut down or stuck, breathwork can help you understand the root cause. By “breathing into” chronic patterns or pain you oxygenate the body and activate chi, helping to move the energy which is keeping you stuck. A breathwork session includes an in-depth conversation and time to breathe. When you breathe you are either sitting up in a back jack (simple floor seat) or lying on a mat on the floor depending on your needs. The ultimate goal is an open, healthy mindful breath.

Authentic Living Coaching


Gentle Beginnings (120 MIN. INITIAL SESSION)

Conversation Opens The Heart and Allows Healing ~ Connect with our Authentic Living Mentor in this one-on-one session and re-connect with yourself. The style of Q & A is so conversational that you might not even know what’s happening! The dynamics that are discovered during this appointment will help to discern where your body/mind/spirit may be disconnected. Experience and take home practical tools for everyday use. Includes Self-Empowerment Tools.

Power of Clearing (5 SESSIONS)

Deep Clarity, Purpose, Light & Love ~ This 5 session package includes: CLEARING ~ letting go of stuck feelings, old belief systems, and the ego story ~ MIRACLES ~ understanding of self-forgiveness as taught by A Course In Miracles. This the deep work so expect it to be challenging in the beginning, especially to the ego. The full 5 sessions allow for the ego story to unwind, and an understanding of contextual feelings and their purpose. Experience deep clarity as a definite sense of lightness and love pours into being. 5-sessions: 1st session (3 hours), each subsequent session (1.5 hours) Additional Power of Clearing session can be added (1.5 hours)

Healing For Depression (60 MINUTE SESSION)

Receive energetic power through mantra (cosmic sound and vibration) that is directly focused on the release of imbalance that is causing pain, suffering and/or attachment. Deanna’s message “We are open to change with an open heart, so having a willingness to let go of your condition is optimal. If you think you may be attached to your depression or heartbreak or know there is too much value for you in having/keeping it, yet you want to want to let go, consider scheduling a Gentle Beginnings session first. This will give you time to talk about the issues and potentially see where you have an attachment. Together we can work on acceptance, which can then allow you to let go. It’s a process, like peeling away an onion, and it is important to honor it while we work ‘backwards’ through the layers that are built on top of each other.” All Healing sessions are 50 minutes. Please wear comfortable clothing. Healing for Depression requires a 4 session commitment within a 1-2 month time period.