Spa Practitioners

Katryn M. Miller

M. Ed. & L.M.T, Colon Hydrotherapist & Licensed Massage Therapist

Katryn has always held a deep desire to learn about the body and how it works.  In college she took her first yoga class and loved the way that holding a posture, learning to breathe fully and being present in the moment, connected her to herself in a deep way. Massage Therapy was a natural extension of her extensive yoga training.  After many years of running her own business, Katryn joined Groton Wellness to help others with Colon Hydrotherapy.
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Lilliana Rivera, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Lilliana’s journey to becoming a massage therapist is a personal one that began after the birth of her second child. After years of dealing with chronic pain, she met a woman who helped her not only connect with and heal her body, but also inspired her to become a therapist herself. To offer compassionate healing touch is one of the major components of Lilliana’s work as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Degree: BS. She is currently taking advanced training in Myofascial Mobilization Techniques at the Muscular Wellness Institute in New Hampshire and will offer Maya Abdominal Massage using The Arvigo Techniques.

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