Continuing on my path of health and happiness

Learned successful ways to manage my debilitating Lyme disease

Renewed my focus on inner peace and strength

I’m now leading a vibrant life

My Story

As I look back over my 65 years of life, I see how much of a roller coaster ride it has been.  As a surveyor by trade, I found myself taking measurements in the New England woods on a regular basis.   In my 40’s I was in peak shape, leading an extremely active lifestyle.  I enjoyed running local road races, bicycling with my family, swimming in the lake during the summer and skiing in the winter.  By my 50’s, I started noticing that my joints were sore, A LOT.  I thought my body was just experiencing the normal aging process.  However, I soon began getting frequent head aches and couldn’t think as clearly as I used to.  I worried that I was getting dementia at an early age.  I went to my doctor to see what was going on and after several blood tests, including one for Lyme disease, it was determined that I was simply aging.  I continued working but my symptoms were getting worse.  Everything in my body hurt and it was all that I could do to get through the day.  I had several more tests for Lyme disease over the next 5 years and still the results were negative.  Unfortunately I was losing my ability to stay active.  It was hard for me to even play ball with my boys in the backyard.  My symptoms were making me sad and I started wondering if this was it.  Had I lived my life and not appreciated it fully? 

One day I was at the library and noticed that a Naturopathic Doctor, was speaking on Lyme disease.  I listened and in my gut knew that I had Lyme disease, even though all of the tests were coming back negative.  I made an appointment the very next day to work with the Naturopath at Groton Wellness on my symptoms.  She and I put together a plan to treat me and the root cause(s) of my symptoms.  She suggested some herbal formulas that strengthened my immune system while repelling the spirochetes. Working together, we strengthen my body so that it could manage my symptoms, which, in fact, turned out to be the result of Lyme disease.  

I also worked with Quan Zou, the Acupuncturist at Groton Wellness, to help manage the pain that was taking over my life. And I met with Grace Ramsey Coolidge, the heart and energy-based psychotherapist at Groton Wellness, who helped me to overcome my feelings of despair and instead focus on all that life has to offer.

It took a little more than a year for me to get my symptoms of Lyme disease under control.  Lyme disease never goes away – it just hides for a while.  However, I am now back to living my life to its fullest.  My family and I again are enjoying bike rides together and we even went fishing the other day.  I am looking forward to a family ski vacation.  I am forever grateful for the practitioners at Groton Wellness.  Their gentle, compassionate care and guidance is just what I needed to help my body heal enough to overcome the intense symptoms of Lyme disease.  I continue to see these holistic practitioners and others, as I truly believe that it is important to lead a fun, healthy lifestyle that incorporates a balanced internal body, good nutrition, a positive outlook on life.  Being part of the Groton Wellness community helps me continue on my path of leading a vibrant life.



“Being part of the Groton Wellness community helps me continue on my path of leading a vibrant life.”   ~ Scott