May Detect Breast Cancer up to 8-10 Years Sooner

At Groton Wellness Medical Center we refer out for Breast Thermography. While mammograms have been widely used for detecting breast cancer, the Food and Drug Administration approved thermography as a screening tool in 1982. Breast tumors take up to 10 years to develop, and mammograms may not detect the development as early as thermographic imaging. The earlier a tumor is found the sooner treatment can begin, and the more successful the outcome is likely to be.

Thermography is based on the principle of temperature variation. It detects the slight increase in heat associated with chemical and blood vessel activity in pre-cancerous tissue and the areas surrounding a developing breast cancer. Images are captured with ultra-sensitive infrared cameras and analyzed with sophisticated computers that look for minute increases in surface temperature and vascular changes that may be occurring in the breast. Thermography of the breast is an excellent, non-invasive, adjunctive examination. It shows physiologic changes that may indicate tumor proliferation. It’s also comfortable and safe, using neither radiation nor compression.

We offer thermography to screen these part of the body:

  • upper body
  • full body
  • arms & hands
  • legs & feet
  • head & neck


Thermography Screening for Earliest Detection

Detecting Pathogenic Change at a Cellular Level

Thermographic imaging is a safe, radiation-free method of screening for early detection of breast cancer and inflammation that is the precursor to many cancers and chronic disease. Early detection is the key to optimal health with time to use preventive measures, rather than detecting disease at a stage where treatment is imminently required.

Please check if you, your family members or friends have any of these diseases or a genetic predisposition to these diseases and want to help prevent them.


Screen for:

Ask us to provide you with a Thermography technician near you for more information.

Breast CancerInflammatory Breast CancerHormonal Imbalance
Prostate IssuesThyroid / Endocrine IssuesLymphatic Congestion
Vascular DisorderNeuromuscular DisordersFibromyalgia
Heart DiseaseNervous System DisordersNeuropathy
Gum DiseaseVascular System AnalysisInfected or Painful Teeth
Digestive DisordersCarpal Tunnel SyndromeTrigger Points
Inflammatory PainReferred Pain SyndromeVascular Problems
Back & Neck PainAbdominal InflammationSystemic Inflammation