Detect Breast Cancer up to 8-10 Years Sooner

At Groton Wellness Medical Center we offer Breast Thermography. While mammograms have been widely used for detecting breast cancer, the Food and Drug Administration approved thermography as a screening tool in 1982. Breast thermography is available by appointment only on some Saturdays and the last Tuesday of each month. Breast tumors take up to 10 years to develop, and mammograms may not detect the development as early as thermographic imaging. The earlier a tumor is found the sooner treatment can begin, and the more successful the outcome is likely to be.

Thermography is based on the principle of temperature variation. It detects the slight increase in heat associated with chemical and blood vessel activity in pre-cancerous tissue and the areas surrounding a developing breast cancer. Images are captured with ultra-sensitive infrared cameras and analyzed with sophisticated computers that look for minute increases in surface temperature and vascular changes that may be occurring in the breast. Thermography of the breast is an excellent, non-invasive, adjunctive examination. It shows physiologic changes that may indicate tumor proliferation. It’s also comfortable and safe, using neither radiation nor compression.

We offer thermography for these part of the body:

  • upper body
  • full body
  • arms & hands
  • legs & feet
  • head & neck



“To anyone considering breast thermography vs. breast mammography, I’d like to share my recent experience with Ann Barker at Breast Awareness Imaging, LLC., a thermography provider.  Ann sees clients at two local offices, making it convenient for many.  Although my PCP is not yet on board with thermography, apparently due to lack of education thus far, four other health care providers of mine, all of whom I hold in high regard, including a medical doctor, a nurse midwife/OB-GYN, a naturopathic doctor, and a massage therapist, not only knew of the technology and advantages of thermographic imaging, but highly endorsed it and encouraged me to seek it out.  Mainstream medicine and insurance coverage seem lagging in providing care and coverage of thermography, but I hope, and believe, that will change.

My personal experience and exam were comfortable, Ann was knowledgeable and supportive, my personal needs and modesty were respected, Ann explained all aspects and follow-up of the procedure in terms I could understand.  My report of findings from the exam was very detailed and thorough, and came back to me within a few days, and was also provided to my PCP.  I will never go back to regular breast mammography because of the increased accuracy, safety, and comfort of the thermographic imaging procedure.  I have recommended this, and Ann, to others desiring an alternative exam of breasts and other body-areas.”

All best wishes,