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Making Self-Care a Priority

September 27, 2018 |

FREE INTRODUCTION NIGHT ON 9/13 (6-7:30pm) Join Sarah Brassard and Terry Walters on this journey into self-care. Dive into meditation, nutrition and daily practices to transform your health and life. Mindfulness and clean eating go hand-in-hand to facilitate physical and physiological shifts to improve health and support individuals on their path to whole health and wellness.... View Post

21-Day Cleanse & Weight Loss Introduction

January 11, 2017 |

The ideal society with plentiful fresh organic food, free of pollution, drugs and stress, does not exist. What toxins are we routinely exposed to and how does toxin-overload lead to disease? Join Groton Wellness’ Irina Serebryakova, holistic nurse practitioner, and learn about the 21-day Purification Cleanse and how it can lead to improved…WEIGHT LOSS * SLEEP PATTERNS * HORMONE FUNCTION * OVERALL HEALTH and reduce…ALLERGIES * HEADACHES * JOINT & MUSCLE PAIN ... View Post

The 5 Elements Process Workshop

October 22, 2016 |

In this workshop we will go in depth into the knowledge of the Five Elements and how we connect with their energies. We’ll practice chanting the seed bija mantras and go over step-by-step how to do the actual Process. You will then take this home, along with the Booklet. The process can be done at your leisure, charging each element one at a time.  Om NaMaShiVaYa ... View Post