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Wild Wellness ~ Fire

July 18, 2019 |

Primitive survival skills instructor Tim “PrimiTim” Swanson will be leading this fun seminar. Our ancestors lived very closely to the earth and were connected to the landscape in ways we can only dream of in our present era. In this class we will CONNECT WITH THE EARTH by using the bow drill friction fire method to create fire. By learning and practicing ancient living skills, such as fire making, we connect ourselves to the environment, our roots, each other, and ourselves.... View Post

March ~ Groton Wellness Newsletter

March 14, 2016 |

Practitioners’ Spotlight Dr. Dan Brings a Wealth of Knowledge Dr. Daniel Cagua-Koo, MD, MHP, joined Groton Wellness March 1st as an Integrative Medical Doctor and the new Medical Director. He brings a wealth of knowledge with him in Biotoxin Illnesses, Chronic, Heavy-Metal Burdens, Environmental Toxicity, Methylation, Prooxidant Therapies, LDA/LDI, Mold, IV Therapies and more. One … Continue reading March ~ Groton Wellness Newsletter... View Post