Testimonial for Prolozone Injection Therapy

July 24, 2017 |

For many years, I had knee pain. I attributed this knee pain to my age, my weight and arthritis. As I began to lose weight, I was hopeful my knee pain would subside, even though I’m not getting any younger. Instead, the pain got progressively worse.

The pain progressed to the point where I had to stop and pull over halfway to work and walk around my car a few times so the pain would be manageable. Then, I would continue to work.

In January 2017, I had my first Prolozone treatment on my knees. I had pain relief after the first treatment. The pain relief is a great improvement in my life. After 5 treatments, my knees have improved to the point where I am riding my bike again! For the most part, I am pain-free!

I tried Prolozone treatments in an effort to avoid knee replacement surgery. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking for pain relief!

Julie F.

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