November 26, 2019 |

November 2019

“My facial was great. Taylor was awesome. Music was nice. Heated bed was great. My skin felt wonderful. Aromas were lovely and fresh. Free coffee after was a nice unexpected touch.” ~ Margaret C.

October 2019

“I was very pleased with the introductory session with Dr. Hand. He asked many questions. I was very satisfied with the opportunity to learn more about the practice. I love every aspect of the treatment I received at Groton Wellness.”


“Met my expectations and more. I don’t see a need to try to improve on an already amazing experience. When you consider the subject of the matter, dental work. I left there feeling calm assured and confident I was heading in the right direction.”


“I spent more than 90 minutes with Dr. Balaguera. That speaks for itself. Dr. B has a very soothing and engaging manner. Clear explanations from Dr, Nurse and office staff.”


September 2019

Dr. Jean is always pleasant and calm. Clinical and office staff are focused and attentive. I don’t know how they remember so many names and faces! It’s the best Biological and Holistic Dental & Wellness Center in Central MA. I don’t even know where there is a another one like it!”


Dr. Katta is so nice and she takes to time to explain everything! Everyone is SO NICE and FRIENDLY.


Dr. Lucero is fantastic and I actually look forward to my appointments with her! She always explains exactly what she’s doing and how best to keep my teeth healthy. Every single interaction I’ve had with Groton Wellness staff has been so wonderful. Everyone is so friendly, kind, caring and definitely knowledgeable! Just keep on doing what you’re doing! I recommend you guys every time teeth or dental care comes up in conversation. :)”


“I received much more from Dr. Balaguera for which I am very grateful. My conversation with him was thorough and comprehensive. Dr. Balaguera was able to explain to me what some of my emotional and spiritual issues were which I did not expect from a medical doctor. Everything was clearly stated, outlined in black and white and color! And I do so appreciate the binder with the elimination diet plan clearly stated. You all were very professional and courteous.”


Dr. Hand was very helpful and gave me ideas to try and books to read for further information. I greatly appreciate his expertise.”


Katryn did a very good job explaining things and paid attention to my needs. When I was still releasing a lot of toxins when the timer went off she gave me a little more time to release more, and that was very impactful to my results and today I feel wonderful and clean inside. Good explanations and she learned a few things from how I prepared for the session, as I learned a few things about other options that are out there. I did the follow up treatment she recommended in the recent session and it was more effective than the first session and very needed.”


“Everyone I came in contact with was professional, kind, patient, and very thorough. Everything was explained more than once by more than one person in a patient caring attitude and environment. Groton Wellness staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you all!!! ”


“The staff are always friendly and knowledgeable. Keep up the great work. Always do recommend Groton Wellness.”


“The staff, upon entering the front door, were more than courteous, professional, and welcoming. My experience was absolutely fabulous! I felt as comfortable as though I were talking and interacting with a family member. There was not a question to be asked, as all of my concerns and next-step procedures were addressed to satisfaction. Very friendly and always SMILING, and knowledgeable with each and every procedure. You more than met my expectations. Simply continue doing what you’re doing: if it’s not broken, there’s no need to fix it. My experience has been exceeded. The staff and my doctor are A+ and well-trained coupled with politesse and care.” ~ Lee C.


August 2019

“I stopped in for a recheck today with Dr Shah – he patiently addressed my questions and assured me I am on track with my healing and was even able to remove a few sutures early. I always have lots of questions and Dr Shah has always been very patient and willing to explain. Dr Shah was clear and he outlined instructions item by item. Staff friendly and knowledgeable as always. I am so happy when I get to visit Groton Wellness, I leave in better condition every time. I continue to try to get my own mother to make a dental appointment as well as call about colon hydrotherapy but she’s very tricky and evasive. I am working on some friends as well. In short – yes. I have already recommended it to many people and you will see some of them at some point.”


Liliana was great. She helped me relax and gave me one of the best massages in my life!”


July 2019

“Each cleaning appointment with Stephanie is superb. She motivates me to keep up with daily oral care and introduced me to the Diamond Clean brush. She is a major reason why I travel a significant distance for oral care.”


June 2019

“Absolutely. I’d even go so far as to say it was potentially life-altering in that Dr. Nordin identified a lifelong issue that has gone untreated, and the treatment of which could significantly improve my quality of life. Leanna, Dr. Nordin, dentist Maryam and Ellen all made me feel comfortable and engaged with me in a very thoughtful way. I’m going to have the rest of my family come to Groton Wellness for dental care.”


“My appointment with Maryam was excellent! She spent a lot of time carefully cleaning my teeth as well as examining them. Maryam and I talked a lot about biological dentistry. I have been extremely stressed with my upcoming wedding and I felt so comfortable with Maryam I actually cried a little talking about everything that’s going on. I felt very safe and listened to. Tricia at the front desk was warm and helpful as always! Nothing to add or change- I moved to Rhode Island a year ago and I remain faithful to Groton Wellness, despite the almost two hour drive. I truly can’t imagine going to another dentist. I talk about how great Groton Wellness is ALL THE TIME!!”  ~ Vanessa R


February 2017

Dr. Katta and her Assistant Lisa are a wonderful team. Dr. Katta has a very steady demeanor which is important in dentistry. Lisa and Dr. Katta never seem rushed. It seems that they always have enough time for me. I really trust in both of them to do the best job they can. I highly recommend both Dr. Katta and her Assistant Lisa for all your dental work.”  ~ L. Lappen