Mary. Transformed.

As a young mom, I want to lead a healthy and happy life for myself and my family. Mary's Journey

Biological, whole-body dentistry is the key to my overall good health. Mary's Journey

I’m getting a second chance at life. Mary's Journey

From a content wallflower to an outgoing personality – Meet Mary. Mary's Journey

Jonathan. Empowered.

Unrelenting in my quest to find the root cause of my ADD, diagnosed when I was a child. Jonathan's Journey

Mind-Body-Spirit – It is essential to focus on all aspects of my healing journey. Jonathan's Journey

Quiet my mind and focus my ego with yoga and meditation. Jonathan's Journey

I am the hero of my own story – Meet Johnathan. Jonathan's Journey

Kay. Perseverance.

On my path to improved, lasting health. Kay's Journey

Searching for the root cause of my husband’s prostate cancer and my AFib. Kay's Journey

I believe in integrative medicine fully and am feeling much better. Kay's Journey

I feel at home when I’m with the amazing people at Groton Wellness – Meet Kay. Kay's Journey

Scott. Champion.

Continuing on my path of health and happiness. Scott's Journey

Learned successful ways to manage my Lyme disease. Scott's Journey

Renewed my focus on inner peace and strength. Scott's Journey

I’m now leading a vibrant life – Meet Scott. Scott's Journey

Meeting your unique needs by focusing on prevention
and treating the root cause of health challenges.
Our large community of integrative healthcare providers
work together to restore your optimal health.

Family Dentistry & Orthodontics

We consider every part of you; every tooth, every symptom, and concern. Our biological approach to your total wellbeing is going to make you smile beautifully and sustainably.

Functional Medicine

Our holistic approach is simple and straightforward, in the service of your ultimate health goals. Specializing in quality, integrative care that searches for the root cause of all conditions so that you may achieve optimal health.

Detox Spa

The Detoxification Day Spa specializes in wellness treatments that allow you to relax and rejuvenate while supporting your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Wellness Café

Creating daily masterpieces using homemade condiments, nourishing bone broths, chemical-free ingredients. Taking extra measures to ensure that the meat, poultry, and eggs are grass-fed, hormone free and pasture raised.

Dr. Elisa Mercuro, DO

Institute of Functional Medicine Certified

Doctor of Osteopathy

Dr. Elisa Mercuro is a certified functional medicine physician. Her mission is to reverse and prevent chronic diseases and help patients of all ages experience optimal vitality and health. Functional medicine is a systems approach to your unique biology.

  • Manual Osteopathic Therapy
  • Holistic Primary Care for all ages
  • Functional Medicine Certified
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