Dental Savings Membership

Annual Plan Benefits

  • Low Cost
  • No Deductible
  • Pre-existing Conditions are Covered
  • No Pre-authorization Requirements
  • No Claim Forms
  • No Waiting Period
  • No Annual Maximum
  • No Treatment Limitations
  • No Pre-determinations
  • No Exclusions on Treatment
  • No Fighting the Insurance to Pay Claims.

Included Services

  • New Patient Exam
  • Two Annual Exams
  • One Emergency Exam & X-Ray
  • Four Bite Wing X-Rays
  • Full Mouth X-Rays or Pano
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Oral Cancer Screening Yearly
  • 10% Off Restorative Work; Fillings Crowns, Partials, Perio & Ortho.
  • 20% Off Tooth Whitening

Annual Membership Fees

  • 1st Adult $589
  • 2nd Adult $500 (Spouse/ Partner)
  • 1st Child $389 (Under 18)
  • 2nd Child $289 (Under 18)

Terms & Conditions


This program is a discount plan, NOT a dental insurance. IT CANNOT BE USED: In conjunction with another dental plan, dental insurance, or financing program such as Care-Credit or Compassionate Finance.


A $50 re-appointment fee will be charged if cancellations occur less than 2 business days before appointment.



For costs of dental care which are covered under medical insurance, auto insurance, or worker's compensation.

If you wish to obtain dual membership, it is necessary to purchase it at the same time. Otherwise, each person will be responsible for paying the full price of a single membership, which is set at $589.


Rates are subject to change annually. There is NO credit or roll-over of the plan fee if the plan is not used or only partially used. The plan can not be transferred to another person. The plan is for the 12 months following your date of the payment for the plan.



For treatment which, in the sole opinion of our doctor, lies outside the realm of their capabilities.

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