All Stress Is Not Created Equal

Be mindful of the what we are defining as stress. Not all stress is bad and the load we carry can feel a bit lighter when we aren’t lumping all stress together.

Positive stress can actually be very healthy . . .

Good stress is often created out of the goals we set for ourselves. When stress is part of our journey ask if this stress may end with positive results. Often our challenges in life our within our control, giving us the opportunity to set goals and boundaries and manage our time.

Purpose-driven stress ending with results that open doors to our life purpose actually trigger a different response in our brains. Stress caused by the things that are out of our control send the brain in a completely different direction. Positive stress creates additional neuro-connections and can reduce inflammation, strengthening brain health.

Improve Stress Management

Place Value on Positive Stress

Preserve and Protect our Brains

1. Identify ~ Try to Identify What Stresses Us Out

Dig deep to figure out what is causing the most stress

2. Classify Types of Stress

3. Decrease Negative Stress

4. Increase Positive Stress

5. Prioritize ~Adding Postive Stressors can Reduce Negative Stress

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