Promoting Provider Resilience ~ A Mindfulness Initiative

Bill Lewitt, NP, MSN, RN, FNP-C in the News!

Bill Lewitt was recently selected from hundreds of candidates to conduct a Quality Improvement Project for a nation-wide Physician group with over 2,000 staff clinicians. The study will look at the effect of Mindfulness on self-reported levels of stress and provider burn out among participating Physicians, Medical Residents, and Nurse Practitioners.

Two groups of students will participate in 8 weeks of practices such as quiet sitting and guided breath training. They will fill out questionnaires throughout the training to track how well they are able to navigate the stressors of their work and personal lives.

Once the data is analyzed the project will be submitted for review. If selected, this program would be replicated at every site in the group across the country.

Studies like this serve as an important first step both in helping Clinicians manage the ever-increasing stressors involved in providing quality healthcare as well as exposing Physicians to the benefits of Mindfulness as a valuable evidence-based modality for treating a host of medical conditions.

We will follow up on the outcome of this endeavor.

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