Winter Drying You Up?

The Detoxifying Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

There haven’t been formal studies done on dry brushing and the effects it has on health. But experts agree that dry brushing does have its benefits and here is what we do know.

Drying Brushing can Invigorating & Energizing
Maybe it’s simply the few extra minutes indulging in self-care or maybe it’s the increased circulation, but most people feel invigorated and energized after a dry brush session. And it just feels so good on the skin!

Drying Brushing Increases Circulation
The brisk brushing stimulates circulation leaves skin looking more radiant and increases blood flow.

Drying Brushing is Exfoliating
Dry brushing exfoliates the skin! The bristles of the brush manually sweep away rough, dull, flaky, dead, skin cells. After a dry brushing session, your skin will feel smoother and softer.

When To Dry Brush
We recommend dry brushing as part of your shower or bathing routine. Dry brush before you head into the warm water for an in home spa experience.

There is a Technique to It
Skin brushing is one of the easiest and successful methods for helping to boost your circulation and increase lymphatic drainage. Enjoy this detoxifying treatment while reclining in a heated bed at Groton Wellness and learn the best way to Dry Brush at home.

Experience Dry Skin Brushing Before You Try it Home
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