Our Approach to Orthodontics Starts with Early Intervention

All orthodontic treatment at our center begins with a thorough diagnosis which includes an examination, dental/bite impressions, facial and dental pictures, low dose x-rays, and a detailed computer-aided assessment of key structures of the face, jaws and teeth.

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We treat the growing patient in phases.


  • redirect growth more favorably
  • wait for all of the remaining permanent teeth to grow into place
  • reevaluate to determine if a second phase is necessary

Phase Two

  • aligning all permanent teeth
  • creating a healthy stable bite
  • commonly shorter in duration compared with traditional orthodontics
  • may not require second intervention

The Benefits

Evidence shows that Early Orthopedic Orthodontics performed on kids as young as 7 have a significant impact on jaw development. Critically different from the traditional, this approach creates more room in the jaw for proper tongue placement, breathing and speech patterns. In many cases, if jaw development is corrected at an early age, permanent teeth have a much better chance of coming in straight, thus decreasing the need for braces.

Comprehensive Treatment
Treatment of teens & adults falls into two main categories:

  1. Conventional orthodontics (braces/Insignia Braces)
  2. Invisible braces (Invisalign)

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