ChefArwyn Lennon

Chef Arwyn has worked in the food service industry for the past 31 years, 22 of which were as a chef. Despite her family’s Irish heritage, she developed her culinary talents in the North End of Boston, cooking for a small, family-owned, Italian restaurant. With the help of a restaurateur friend, Arwyn helped spearhead a movement in the corporate café world in 1985 to bring quality, made-from-scratch food to replace the “heat and eat” frozen food that was the staple at the time. She was then thrown into the specialty-diet field since she had a knack for giving particular customers exactly what they wanted while making it taste incredible.

Next, it was off to the bright lights of worldwide, private-airline catering. This demanding 24-7 job required someone with multiple talents, attention to detail and the ability to survive on a minimal amount of sleep. It was here that she designed and prepared menus for some very famous clients; To drop a few names ~President George W. Bush, Air Force One Republican Press Core, John Kerry and on his wife’s plane, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart, a few princes and a shah or two. This was a fun and exciting job but the hectic hours left little time for anything else. During her tenure in private airline catering, Arwyn sought out the corporate dining field because they could offer the best of both worlds; high-end catering and a flexible schedule.

Chef Arwyn assisted in pushing more sustainable and allergy-sensitive programs into Eurest and Sodexo over the next few years. She put together a presentation “So You Want to Save the Planet?” that helped several café accounts with a compost program, greener service-ware and waste management. Recently, Arwyn was given free rein to design a university wellness program at Franklin Pierce University. There she introduced a plethora of healthy foods and practices that will serve as a model for best practices as they go forward.

Her love of healthy dining, sustainable practices and the fact that food is truly medicine are the ideals that brought Arwyn to Groton Wellness. Having the opportunity to work with sensitive diets, farm-to-table, clean food and cutting edge philosophies on how ingredients affect our bodies is a lifelong dream of Arwyn’s. Chef Arwyn is so very proud to work for such a noble cause as the betterment of one’s health and protection of the Earth’s resources. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve you at Groton Wellness.

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