Chelation Therapy

Chelation is a well-known method utilized to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body through the administration of a special chemical compound called a chelate. The chelate finds and forms an attachment to the toxin with one reversible ionic bond. With that bond intact, the toxin is grabbed, pulled out of the cell and carried from the body. However, care must be taken during the chelation as the toxin is not neutralized during this process and is potentially able to attach to other cells on its way out.

At Groton Wellness Dental Spa we often recommend a chelation protocol as a way to help remove mercury and other toxins from your body. Chelation is never started until at least the visible mercury is removed from your teeth and hopefully your entire dental revision is completed.

Oral Chelation agents are the ones most frequently utilized, but intravenous therapies such as IV vitamins and minerals are also often recommended during the chelation process to help maintain your nutritional status. (See IV Vitamin C).

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