Chemical Sensitivities

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is defined by the Massachusetts Association for the Chemically Injured as, “a preventable, chronic condition in which a person develops greatly increased sensitivities to chemicals and other irritants. MCS reactions, triggered by very low levels of common chemicals in the environment, can be very serious – even life threatening.”

Our dentists, doctors and health practitioners have treated many MCS patients. The needs of these patients have varied from preventive dental therapies to complete dental revision including mercury amalgam removal, root canal removal, and cavitation surgery.

It is our goal at Groton Wellness Dental Spa to prevent chemical and toxin exposure to all of our patients, not only the patients who have experienced MCS symptoms.

Our commitment to the MCS patient.

  • We will listen to the Patient and reassure the patient that we understand that he or she is chemically sensitive and will work with him/her in providing care.
  • We will communicate on an ongoing basis about the patient’s environment, evaluation, and treatment and be willing to answer all questions.
  • We will respect the patients concerns and limits, and remember that patient sensitivities vary in kind and severity from person to person.
  • A patient that has MCS will be clearly “flagged” by the office computer charting system in order to alert all staff members.
  • All Groton Wellness Denstist and Physicians will consult with the patient’s environmental physician as necessary and when possible.

Our Clean Air Policy for your health.

At Groton Wellness Dental Spa, it is of utmost importance to maintain an environment that is free of common air pollutants. This includes:

  1. Using non-polluting building supplies in all renovations, including paint and carpet.
  2. All staff members will be free of perfumes and other odorous body care products and a sign is posted in the waiting room requesting patients to also refrain from using such products when they are visiting Groton Wellness Dental Spa.
  3. Strong cleaners, fragrant products, and odorous disinfectants are kept to a minimum and used only as absolutely necessary to maintain an OSHA-compliant, clean office.
  4. The ventilation system within the office recycles fresh air into the office on a continual basis to keep the air as clean as possible.
  5. Medical grade oxygen is always available during mercury and metal removal dental visits, but it is also available to patients during any visit to Groton Wellness Dental Spa if needed. High volume suction equipment is also available and routinely employed during restorative procedures to minimize the patient’s exposure to any chemical odors. Both of these methods have proven to be beneficial to patients with MCS. Please note that a fee to cover the cost of this service will be the patient’s responsibility.

Dental Materials Testing

Dental material compatibility testing is recommended for all patients, and especially encouraged for MCS patients. This can be done either by testing blood serum, or by testing energetic resonance with anEAV Assessment. If material samples are required for additional testing, the office has some of these materials available for the patient to borrow. For materials we do not have in stock, please note that it may take a few days to obtain these samples. Any cost incurred will be the patient’s responsibility.

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