Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)

Cleansing for the Colon

Our Day Spa at Groton Wellness Center offers Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as colonics. Some of the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy are relief of constipation, promotion of anti-aging, and detoxification.

Using state-of-the-art hydrotherapy equipment, an open system, the client is in control. Lying on your backwith an opening in the table,you are draped to maintain dignity and privacy. You will insert a pencil-size tube into the rectum, which will deliver the water. After holding as much water as possible, as long as possible, simply release. Waste goes through the opening andout through the plumbing. The machine provides a closed circuit for removal of wastewater and material that is being eliminated from the body.

At your first appointment you’ll be instructed/prepared for the treatment. You’ll have a sanitized, private room set-up with state of the art equipment that allows you to sit down restfully, naturally, throughout the process. The treatment, followed by any other service(s) you might choose, can take from one hour to several. Consider scheduling a sauna in addition to your colonic treatment as a great way to support your body’s cleansing.


  • Relieves constipation
  • Promotes anti-aging
  • Detoxifies the elimination system
  • Exercises Colon
  • Normalizes peristalsis

Conditions Most Commonly Treated:

  • Chronic colon distension
  • Chronic colon inflammation
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Toxicity
  • Colonoscopy Preparation


In the 24-48 hours prior to your session, we suggest you eat primarily seasonal and organic vegetables, fruits and grains. Drinking filtered water daily will also assist in the cleansing process. On the day of your therapy eat lightly, mostly vegetables, fruits and juices (unless you are on a special diet), and do not eat in the two hours immediately prior to your appointment.

NOTE: If your diet is medically supervised, please disregard any contradictory suggestions and adhere to your doctor’s advice.

Food and beverages to avoid directly before and after your session: alcohol, caffeinated tea/coffee, carbonated/sugary drinks, chocolate, dairy products, desserts, fried and fatty foods, flour products, ice cream, processed and junk foods, all processed/artificial sugars and wheat products. These suggestions are not requirements, but the benefits of the treatment will be greater if followed.

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