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At Groton Wellness we do not advocate the use of fluoride as a tool to fight tooth decay. We feel that although the American Dental Association promotes the use of fluoride in many different forms, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that the use of fluoride is 100% safe.

We feel strongly that fluoride should not be consumed on a continual basis in your drinking water. If you live in a community that fluoridates its water supply (Groton, Massachusetts is not fluoridated), we suggest that you either install a reverse osmosis water filtration system or find an alternative water supply.

If there is any anti-cavity benefit to the use of fluoride, it is strictly from a topical application. This means that your teeth may absorb the fluoride from the toothpaste that you are using, but the fluoride that you swallow in drinking water is not allowed to sit on your teeth for a long enough period of time to be beneficial and the potential detrimental effects that the fluoride may be having to your body as a whole are substantial enough to warrant concern.

We do not recommend in office fluoride treatments for our patients.

As an alternative to fluoride we do recommend Xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in birch and beach trees. It has been proven in scientific studies to inhibit the bacteria that can cause tooth decay, by preventing them from attaching to the surface of the tooth. At Groton Wellness we sell many toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain Xylitol.

We also feel that it is primarily the nutritional intake of the patient that determines if the teeth are going to be susceptible to decay. If our patients are experiencing dental decay we often recommend Nutritional Counseling and Cooking Classes in order to teach how to eat a proper diet as a way to prevent future cavities.

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