Health ~ Focused or Biological Dentistry

You are much more than the sum of your parts!

In biological dentistry our primary route to your total well-being is your mouth. However good oral health can only be achieved in the presence of good overall health.

In addition to solid home-care dental habits that include proper brushing, flossing, regular cleanings and checkups, optimal health can only be achieved when your body and mind can effectively:

  • Sleep, rest and play
  • Eliminate wastes and the myriad of toxins now so prolific in our air, water, soils, and foods
  • Consume whole, organic, seasonally-available foods, preferably grown locally
  • Maintain adequate hydration
  • Absorb and assimilate required nutrients
  • Engage in regular exercise, activity
  • Manage, reduce, alleviate stress
  • Return to a natural state of homeostasis, or balance

In a Nutshell

Our holistic approach to your oral health may involve more than your dentist, and that’s what makes Groton Wellness Center so unique. Our center has dental and medical practitioners, treatments and protocols you need to get well, be well and stay well.

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