Heavy Metal Oral Chelation

Chelation is ascience-based medicalmethod utilized to remove heavy metals from the body through the administration of a special chemical compound called a chelate. The chelate finds and formsan attachmentto the metal toxin with one reversible ionic bond. The bound toxin is then pulled out of the cell and carried from the body. Since the toxin is not neutralized during this process and is potentially able to attach to other cells on its way out, skilled and conscientious care must be taken during the chelation to monitor the safety and effectiveness of the detox process. If done improperly, chelation can do more harm than good.

To augment the therapeutic value of mercury amalgam replacement, we often recommend a practitioner-supervised chelation protocolto remove mercury and other heavy metaltoxins from the tissues wherethey have their most detrimental effects.Mercuryhas a special affinity for neurological tissues and cell membranes where it can interfere with and negatively impact all levels of health.

Nutritional status is evaluated prior to chelation and intravenous therapies such as IV vitamins and minerals are also often recommended during the chelation process to help maintainthenutritional co-factors essential for effective and safe detoxification.

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