Heavy Metal Testing


This is a clinical test that measures the exposures and excretion abilities of the two main forms of mercury we’re exposed to today: dental and environmental. Using hair, blood and urine samples, this test assesses the level of bio-incompatibility or physiological difficulty each form poses to the patient. This test requires that the patient does not consume seafood or fish for 72 hours (preferrably 1 week) before taking the test and that a urine (first morning, midstream) sample is collected within 24 hours of the blood and hair samples. The test kit can be mailed to you so that it can be completed during one of your visits to Groton Wellness.Please be sure to readallthe instructions in the kit when it is received. There is a fee for this test kit and itis payable at the time the kit is requested.The patient must make an appointment in advance to come in for the blood draw/hair snip.

Outsourcing Diagnostic Labs

  • Genova
  • Metametrix
  • ZRT
  • Igenex
  • Cyrex
  • SpectraCell
  • Doctors Data
  • Diagnos-Techs
  • Shiel Medical
  • Kashi Labs
  • Quicksilver Scientific
  • LabCorp
  • Quest Diagnostics

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