Immune Deficiencies

Immune dysfunction is much more complicated than a deficiency.


The chart above shows the complexity of immune responses.

In the 1990’s, clinical researchers were focused on TH1 (Cellular Immunity) and TH2 (Humoral Immunity) responses. In the past decade, immunology research has taken us beyond those simplistic understanding. Now we are looking at TH17 responses as well as TH3 responses, triggered by multiple different environmental causes including biological toxins from Water Damaged Buildings, Infections (Lyme, Cyanobacteria, Parasites, etc.), Pesticides (Glyphosate/Roundup), Formaldehyde, etc.

We have never been exposed to this much toxins in the history of humankind.100’s of billion pounds of human created toxins are released into our environment each year causing a domino effect of unintended immune complications leading to immune suppression and dysfunction for the susceptible part of our population. We are exposed from the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat. It surrounds us.

The good news is that knowledge empowers us to make healthier choices in order restore our immune system.

Here at Groton Wellness we use multiple modalities to identify the root cause of the immune dysfunction and collaborate together with you and with Eastern and Western providers to help restore your vitality and health.

Anherbalist can create a unique blend of healing herbs that will match your bodies immune imbalance and restore your health. The herbs specially blended to restore your TH1/TH2/TH3/TH17 immunity.

We have acupuncturist, Quan Zhouthat can open energetic (CHI) points that have been blocked, and reset the autonomic/neuro/endocrine system.

We have Functional Medicine Providers that can help set up a unique personalized diet that will eliminate many of the known immune suppressing foods and toxins.

Finally, we use Intravenous therapies, prooxidant/redox therapies, supplements that can provide the correct building blocks for your immune system to restore its vitality.

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