iTero Intraoral Scanner

Benefits of using this state-of-the-art technology

Going digital with iTero means eliminating physical flaws associated with conventional impressions for high quality prosthetics with fewer remakes.

The iTero features a complete set of tools that help us create an exceptional impression, including vivid realistic color and real-time scan feedback. iTero TimeLapse Technology allows us to compare a patient’s previous scans to a new scan taken today, identifying and quantifying tooth movement, tooth wear and gingival recession over time. Enhancing the way we can communicate with patients using vibrant visual imagery ~ just one of the reasons we invested in this powerful digital tool.

iTero TimeLapse Technology:
Compare historical and current scans and quantify important oral changes over time – helping your patient reach care decisions in a more engaging and informed way.

Invisalign®Outcome Simulator:
Engage patients and increase conversion by showing patients the actual potential benefits of Invisalign treatment.

3D Invisalign Progress Assessment Feature:
Compare a patient’s new scan with a precise stage of their Invisalign treatment plan.

Real-time 3D Visualizations:
Help patients understand oral concerns by sharing a visualization right at chairside.

Vibrant Color Scanning:
Realistic color images make it easier to distinguish between gingival and dental tissue for more precise clinical evaluations.

High-Definition Touchscreen Interface:
Scanned images appear instantly with crisp definition on the 19-inch, high-definition, multi-touch-capable display. The display also works with latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves.

Certified Connectivity Workflow:
Designed to connect to restorative and orthodontic labs, third-party treatment planning, custom implant abutment, chair side milling and lab CAD/CAM systems.

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Timelapse Demo of the iTero in action

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